v17 Music Scanning issue
(2018-03-30, 14:57)docwra Wrote: All very true of course... but this does give the OP or anyone else an option to update their library without the the delay mentioned via a workaround.
@docwra  I am offended that you keep calling the facility to update selected parts of your music library a "workaround". Please stop doing that, it is a feature not a workaround of any kind. You want an addon to be able to extend this facility and schedule a selected update, well just fine with me.
(2018-03-30, 14:57)docwra Wrote: Could the OP's error have something to to with the metadata sites changing a URL or new data. Perhaps Kodi recognizes this and prompts a full exta info scan on all items. Just a random theory as I have not seen this behaviour myself with latest nightlies..
No, "fetch additional info" is disabled, as I understand it is an unexpected slow tag scan of all files (if that is what it is not some other delay/interaction) not scraping remotely that occurs.

But sounds like a long standing thing, just never happened to me and my library is big enough that I would notice a full tag scan if it happened. I know I have a v18 bug to investigate and fix where scaning gets stuck in a loop, but this is something else.

I await further evidence Smile
Indeed yep wrong wording, it's actually a nice facility/feature that I didn't even know about until recently Smile

For anyone else interested the process is: Music >> Files >> Source >> Context Menu >> Scan item to library


Even better is the next dialogue which lets you choose to scan everything again or scan only items which have changed.

Apologies for taking this off topic a little. Hopefully it helps someone.
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I haven't pursued "apparent slow library updates" as I mostly notice it on my "production" htpc.  My library is on a NAS and I never know exactly what is going on in the htpc host win 8.1.  It isn't as easy to pull up a resource manager window using 10 ft interface/remote as on my dev systems.  So I can't rule out network congestion, windows doing its thing (like search index updating, real-time virus scans etc).

Maybe with really big libraries it might benefit to partition into sources to permit some additional flexibility.

scott s.
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(2018-03-30, 22:11)scott967 Wrote: Maybe with really big libraries it might benefit to partition into sources to permit some additional flexibility.
Yes, I highly recommend this even for medium sized music collections.

With the addition of the artist information folder in v18 it also means there is no need for all the music by an artist to be in one source. I also hope to add better filtering by source - an even nicer way to split and view your music than by genre. Then not only could all variations of classical music be spearated from all variations of pop, and the stuff I only play at parties, and I own but almost never want to hear (why did I rip it?) kept away from my main music.

Now I am off topic - sorry Mike
Thanks everyone, I'll see about getting a log next time hopefully. I had it on the Leia Alpha as well just for reference. I've checked my NAS and couldn't see anything updated there to cause a full read of the data but will investigate just in case it could be NAS based as well.

Off topic is not a problem, always good to talk about 'Music' in Kodi and anything connected to it ;-)
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