Android Could V18 Support Dolby Vision Decode?
(2018-07-24, 17:10)CiNcH Wrote:
Quote:dvhe.stn is DV profile 5, a single layer streaming format.  The base layer uses the same parameters as HDR10 video, but without processing the DV dynamic metadata I'm not sure how good just rendering the base layer looks.

That's just wrong. Only supporting single/base means that the implementation can't handle SDR compatible dual layer as found on Ultra HD Blu-ray. So the TV can't play those rips (this of course does not apply when using an external UHD BD player in which case the player handles the decoding of dual layer DV). Single layer DV is HDR-only and of course has DV metadata.

The Sony has the following decoder:        video/dolby-vision

Kodi would probably have to send the DV-enabled HEVC stream to this decoder... 
I don't think there is any way to send a stream over HDMI 2.0.  You have to decode it and place it in one of the formats HDMI 2.0b can handle (HDR10 or HLG).  IIUC what Dolby does is use the LSBs of the chroma to hold the dynamic metadata.  HDMI 2.1 will allow the dynamic metadata to be sent as packets separate from the YCbCr picture data.

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Why are you talking about HDMI now? We are talking about decoding and displaying on the same device. There is no HDMI anywhere...
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(2018-03-31, 10:05)fritsch Wrote:
(2018-03-31, 06:43)ypsilonn Wrote: I hope Kodi V18 support Dolby Vision decoding, as of now, the Alpha version did not.
 No plans. Contributions are welcome. It seems you have the hardware and the content, so the whole community would love it if you could contribute. 

i recently found this release not for the hevc encoder. Does it mean it will automatically be available within kodi?

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Plans now for single layer DV mp4 support?
Where should i ask to get an answer about dolby vision single layer mp4s?
We only support via inputstream, means it will work for netflix. For mp4s itself, it's not that easy - drm criple, external parsers, closed processing chain, etc.

Have a look here:

And before someone comes with philosophical citations of certain enum values, have a look at the architecture diagram and provide us what they call "MediaExtractor".
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