See pictures from aanther computer

I'm using Kodi on a Qnap NAS and I would like to see pictiures stored on a computer on the same network (windows 10)
When i want to add the pictures source Kodi ask me an ID and a password but I didn't use ID and password on my network (I deactiveted this option on my computer)
So what are these ID and password? where could I find them?
Thanks for your help!!
If you are using a recent build of windows 10 than username/password is required by policy.
Try to set the username/pass and remember that smb browsing (which requires depricated smbv1) is disabled by default.

Make sure (or verify that) you use smbv2 on your client(s) or you would be forced to enable smbv1 on your windows box which i would never recommend for security reasons
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