Req Add user rating rule for mixed playlists
Still working through my playlists issues, trying to find the best solution...

One thing I found is that mixed music playlists don't allow rules based on user rating. But it does allow many other rules that don't apply to one or more of the playlist types (song, album, artist).

Is there a reason user ratings aren't available for mixed playlists, or is this just an oversight? It would be great to have this if at all possible.

Edit: As I'm typing this I realize that mixed playlists seem to only return a list of songs. I don't see any albums or artists that match the rule. If that is the case, what is the purpose of mixed playlists? If it returns songs from albums that match the rule, then this could be the workaround I'm looking for.

Laying in the dust is a PR I created that tried to make all the filter rules available at all levels e.g. use song rules to filter artists or albums, and artist or album rules to filter songs etc.  With a SQL db you can do this kind of thing, trouble was I squeezed the SQL generation into the current arcitecture in a way that looked ugly, query building from strings is hard to follow, and the PR languished. It is still lurking and I hope to get back to it one day, we could do so much more with the music library to make music selection with a large collection more of a joy.

Mixed playlists.... well the current criteria built from rules have some flaws. I can't remember off the top of my head, seeing something I had put a lot of work into stall was frustrating, but I pulled myself together and got on with something else. One point being that users just weren't using this stuff (or they would have spotted the flaws) so why spend time on it.

What am I saying?
I am aware there are playlist rule issues, I am reluctant to tinker when what I really want to do is a total reworking.
I think there could be a better work around for you to the slow large .m3u playlist issue than using rating (see other thread).
Will likely try rearranging my music on disk at some point, I'm ok with the user rating smart playlists for now. Thanks for the explanation.

FYI, just noticed the wiki says user rating is an available field for mixed playlists...maybe just for videos, it's not for music.
AFAIK, a "mixed" playlist is intended to be available from both music and videos window (traversing the "playlists" node shows "mixed"  from both music playlists and video playlists).  The only content of a mixed playlist is songs and/or music videos, and AFAIK, the only rules that work are ones applicable to songs and music videos.  Same thing with sort criteria.  "Rating" and "My rating" should probably be available but I'm guessing when this was added at different time for videos and music it didn't come up as a requirement.  TBH for the videos, since ratings can have different types with one being default I'm not sure how that criterion works on videos.

Actually on the subject of mixed playlist enhancements I could see a rule where title exists (or does not exist) in both songs and music videos.  Not sure if you can do that now or not.

scott s.
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