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Mod -  Titan M O D ( last Updated 22-10-2018)
That means it’s coming in future updates? For the current time in Netflix osd?
Hi it's me again Big Grin
I just set up my library and created a movie and a tv show hub.
I noticed on the hubs that there are no movie taglines showing like there is on the other homescreen..
Also the white rating icons have a black square around them which looks kinda weird.
Oh and is there an options to choose the widget lay-out? I like most my widgets in poster but I would like to have episodes in landscape. I can't find the settings for this?
Thank you again!
(2018-10-20, 23:43)RonnieBoy82 Wrote: That means it’s coming in future updates? For the current time in Netflix osd?

I will not have have much time in future , so updates will not be come in short frequence.

I'll work further on the skins and i'll track all bugs, wich reported here or on GtHub and will fix them.

Latest Changes Repo
Quote:- add resource.images.skinicons.whitesquare , wich is needed as an resource addon to have icons/thumbs for the meain menu entrys in bingie home menu
- add repository.netflix , through that you can install netflix video addon for use in Kodi (myde by: libdev + jojo + asciidisco) - LEIA ONLY -
- add skin.kodiflix.krypton (kodi flix skin by SchisM) - no banned stuff (if you assmue it) - KRYPTON ONLY -
- update script.skin.helper.skinbackup ( fix crash when choose colorthemes )
- update resource.images.busyspinners.basic (added a few new busy spinners)

Skin latest Changelog
Quote:   `` L E I A ´´                                        
        - no crash when switch Homelayout (tiles,vertical, home) -> all in 1 section to choose from (removed sublevels)
        - add "watch dependencies" button (addoninfodialog)
        - no crash when switch / choose colorthemes (need skinhelper.backup update to latest, from marduk repo)
            CASE OVERLAY (https://imgur.com/a/XYdCrDQ)
                - change Cases Overlay Texture (Bluray DVD)
                - change BR,4K Flag for use in Case Overlays
            * PVR *
                - added pr, ( https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2578860 ) allow users to switch between tv channels and radio channels in the group manager dialog (https://imgur.com/a/qo4pMHJ)

                - added pr, (https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2767633)
                    Player.Icon (Returns the thumbnail of the currently playing item. If no thumbnail image exists, the icon will be returned, if available)
                - fixed : button 400, removed in LEIA     -> switch view (timeline) -> does nothing (in KRYPTON : switch view timelie (timeline, now, on next, channel views))                            
                        -    That is removed in LEIA - ...As discussed this PR will remove the different guide views "channel", "now" and "next"
                            Needs to be merged before #10795, https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/10838)                                    
                - temp fixed : click epg (MyPVRGuide.xml, button "101" ; channels "100")-> switch to radio channels, click again, toggle just radio channel groups    
                        -> just if i switch to ->MyPVRChannels by click channels "100" in MyPVRGuide.xml, and click back , TV channels are present , need further investigation
                - fixed several issues in navigation in contextmenu (mypvrguide.xml) ( strange navigation issues in pvr guid (cant get back from radio)    )
                - add possibility to show ChanneLogos (actual in footer and pvrinfo dialog) - requirement is the channel logo addon
                    https://i.imgur.com/zBmVL8G.png , https://i.imgur.com/pTsRAik.png
                    -> required resource addon for channel logos (zipped from git hub) , not in Repo cause exceed of filesize (>100mb)
                     ( from Source ( https://github.com/zag2me/TheLogoDB ) All images are 800x450 transparent PNGs )

                    -> if you miss some logos, you can place your channel logos in [channel name].png format, after installing this resource addon
                    the path will be =  \addons\resource.images.thelogodb\resources\
                    -> also if you miss some logos, and have png files you want to add it the addon -  request it in forum,
                      or make an pr here : https://github.com/marduklev/resource.images.thelogodb
                    -> !! that works also as source for other skins, follow the instructions provided here - https://kodi.wiki/view/Live_TV_Artwork#Loading_Logos
   `` all versions ´´                                               
                - kill some typos
                - changed behaviour of a skinsetting (dont show clear logo), as it is in home section, but refer to all netflix style layouts (home,views,dialogvideoinfo)
                    -> actual just optional in netflix home, other(views,videoinfo) ,maybe optional later
                - fixed trailer autoplay (wasnt working in spotlight widget)
                - adjust mppa info and textures fade/position on spotlight trailer playback
                - adjust ratings, if spotlight active/spotlight trailer playing
                - fix "stuck in spotlight" when coming back to home to a main menu entry without widgets +  navigation issue, when not use "show all widgets detach from" ( no widgets are set for an main item )

        SKINSETTINGS (if Bingie/Netflix 1 in use)
                - fixed/add/hide some skin settings if possible
                - add a Widget Category for Settings in Homemenu Section, better overview (also Spotlight Widget/Spotlight Area/Image are 2 diff things from now on)
                - fix hide rating and media flags on trailer playback (wasnt working for booth before)
                - fix scrolling issue if "dont show all widgets" is used
        - OSD NETFLIX
            - add clock, and remaining time
        - OSD SLIM
            - fixed overlay (rating/time)
        - VIEW WIDE NETFLIX(526)
            - fixed wrong sort order of episodes
        - VIEW WIDE NETFLIX(526)
            - improved onback/return click actions -> focus last item (episode->seasons,seasons->shows,Shows->back)
            - reduce skinseting (autoplay trailer, or not) for videoinfo
            - use kodi resource language for that skinsetting (maybe var for diff sys lang later)
        - FOOTER
            - fixed missing Title for movies without clearlogo (if codecs available, befor its just shown when codec empty/disabled)
            - add previewwindow if video is running (also working as toggle button to go fs)
            - show preview window on currently plaing bar for live tv/ PVR if show info is toggled off
        - HOME LAYOUT :
            - fix, (bigvertical), missing slide of main/suc when widgets have focus (had caused an overlay)
            - fix, (bigvertical), missing navigation , now its open submenu on left, focus widget on right, open shutdown just on back (if enabled)
            - add skinsetting, (all VERTICAL) -> hide bg panel
        - MEDIAFLAGS : MPAA from media flags layouts (large,textboced etc....) dont show up on Netflix viewtypes anymore, as the are in top details row
            - add new colortheme "titan MOD NightShift"
            - update colortheme  "default titan MOD"
        - Window(movieinformation)
            - able to use monochrome ratings color ( default mod same as text color, non netflix use rating flag colors)
            - fix bugs related to missing ratings, bugs related to custom colors,
            - generell code clean up / bug fixes (prefer scraped rating if available, except tomato/metacr)
            - add stop button (stop trailer playback inside videoinfo)
            - fix  , wasn't able to autoplay trailer
        - SCRIPT.USER.Rating
            - bugfix : for use custom colors (most textures was always white,bad if bg white) (need rework with , variable colors due to visible windows, def revisit)
            - temporally fix overlay from stacked windows (was vis in BG, bad overlay), also removed setting to toggle panel (need revisit)        

        - CUSTOM COLORS(Library) for View Types:
            * imortant to not confuse : unfocused panel color = ViewDetailsPanelColor (Titan Default), focused panel=colorViewDetailsFocusColor
            that means you have a better overview to choose a panel color for list views, the color was long time in, but
            not added to work in all view types , now they did.
            - All views with a list use the focused and unfocused panel color from now on
            * Netflix Wide View(526), 3 in 1 View(527) has 2 colorthemes!
                - if fanart is enabled it uses common library colors, if Fanart disabled it uses Netflix Library Colors
        - VIEWTYPE  EXTENDED LIST (506) - Correction of Colors (Focus Media now uses ViewDetailsHighlightTextColor Color For
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