Android Vodafone TV (2018 Android TV box)
Does anyone here have this box, and run Kodi, and are able to watch 720p h264 media files in MKV containers, located on a NAS, using ethernet, and it not look & sound terrible?

Please bear in mind when asking that question I had to look up to try and use the correct terminology for the media files.

Basically I have the VTV, and have installed Plex (both the app on the VTV box, and the media server on my Seagate Personal Cloud NAS). Watching TV epsiodes in this format using Plex is OK - a bit stuttery to begin with, slight bit of motion stutter when things are panning across the screen. But overall the picture quality is great for someone who's only recently converted from watching live TV in SD. The audio is coming through in Dolby Digital and sounds great. However, if I try to watch movies - or longer episode shows (like, 1 hour) in this media format (h264, 720p, MKV) the Plex media server seems to tell me my NAS doesn't have the ballz to transcode the file (after a bit of reading, this makes sense).

Another user with a similar setup recommended Kodi, telling me the app running on the VTV box should do the grunt work that the NAS drive is incapable of doing in these cases.

But ... try as I might, following all the Kodi Wiki information and trying many different configurations, I can't Dolby Digital audio to come through. I've tried turning on 'passthrough' in the audio section but the sound is jittered and terrible. This is for all such files - not just longer ones.

One other thing I noticed: The Kodi interface kinda stretches past the edges of my TV, no probably 90% of the interface pages.

Thx in advance for any suggestions.

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