Kodi Crashes on Most Video Playback
Here it is after starting up in debug mode: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JscJm5kdDc/
Yep, that's better.

On quick look, I did notice the following...

1. HEVC Files
You are playing h.265 encoded files. Does your hardware support that? Looks like your system is a few years old

2. NOTICE: Starting Kodi (17.6 Git:20171114-a9a7a20). Platform: Windows NT x86 32-bit
You are using a 32 bit system running Windows 10. You are using Intel HD Graphics 6000, but it is only supported for Win 10 on 64 bit machines... https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/...ivers.html
Maybe look for some updated drivers

3. You have DirectSound audio set. Try changing to WASAPI.

Does it crash with every video you play, or only those encoded with h.265?

After fixing the above points... does it crash if you use v16 Kodi?
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I'm a bit confused. I checked the audio passthrough settings and they aren't activated. I went ahead and did activate them with the WASAPI option checked, but it still crashed. As for playing the files, it works in every application but Kodi and it worked previously... this problem appears to have started a month or two ago and has continued to get worse over time. My video driver is up to date as well, but I checked my system info and it says I have a 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor, which is confusing... I am going to try and downgrade to Jarvis and see if that does anything.

I reverted back to x16, but it continues to crash like before so I switched back to the current stable version. 

Also, it doesn't crash on every video, just the ones that are h.265 encoded, but I didn't realize that was the common aspect of those files until you mentioned it. It has been crashing when automatically playing a next file, which it also didn't use to do before and those files aren't encoded with h.265 so who knows if that's the issue.
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