Just Released: My Movies patch for full Kodi support
the patch just needs to be applied on the computer that will generate the nfo files. If you use the MyMovies Collection Management software on your server to add new titles and generate the nfo files for Kodi, just copy the files there. Otherwise, copy them everywhere else where you may change the info of a movie.
Hi Patchou ,

In the Mymovies patch I noticed that you use WMC and most likely the WMC SDK.  I am working on a WMC project for my own purposes and I was wondering whether you used Visual Studio 2010, or greater?  I have found that the WMC SDK doesn't work with Visual Studio 10, or greater, unless you are able to go to Charlie Owen's blog and download his Addendum.zip.  I have not been able to find the Addendum.zip file anywhere on the web.  This blog has been removed from the web and is not available in any archive.

If you have it, could you attach it to this forum thread, or get it to me some way?

This zip file contains both project and item templates suitable for Visual Studio 2010, or greater.

actually, I don't use their SDK. I decompiled MyMovie's binaries to patch some things and add new code in other places to ensure full compatibility with Kodi.

I use Visual Studio 2017 and tools such as ILSpy.

Good luck! Smile
Is there any benefit to using this , with regard to "Plex" ?,  I switched to using plex , after  I found the library feature in Kodi , especially widget thumbnails in constantly  lagged annoyingly when scrolling , That was on decent spec devices such as 'Shield"  and mini PC. I put it down to the size of my library ( 14TB+) , but since switching to "Plex" as my server and streaming it to the kodi library via the "Plex " add-on in kodi on various devices , even low spec like firesticks, I have no more issues ?
Can I assume that using this to generate "local NFO's will make the Plex Server run more efficiently ?
My apologies if it looks like I am hijacking the thread , but as I say all the devices in my house run plex via KMC.
One other question , although I do have a PC running windows10 , my PMS is on an iMac , am assuming "my Movies" s/w is windows only ?
well, it really depends on how you like to manage, visualize and browse your library. With Media Center and MyMovies, I got used to having a perfectly organized library, with covers, descriptions, dvd-sets etc. correctly identified, with no unknown covers, mistakes, etc... once you manage your movies with MyMovies, your one library can be accessed by many other systems, including Kodi or Plex (the reason for this patch is to make sure the nfo for Kodi is generated better).

One other thing I like managing my library independently is that I run no risk of having one of my presenters (Plex or others) screwing up some of the files, overriding my preferences etc... MyMovies keeps its own database and can regenerate nfo files anytime you need. So to sum things up, I understand that for many people it's probably overkill but when you have thousands of movies and TV series, stored preciously on your NAS, you may be happy to not have to manage duplicates, wonder how movie X was interpreted by presenter Y, etc...
Tx , Teading your OP think your saying that the generated NFO files are stored separate from individual movie folders , I will have a look see whether plex will work with that process.
Might sound trivial but one thing I miss with WMC & MyMovies was the wealth of stored data.  It actually stored the disk release date down to the month/day so when inside WMC, and using their library add-on, you could sort the title by disk release date.  In .nfo files it only stores the year so once the year is sorted it's then alphabetical and I HATE THAT.  I miss how once I added a new title it would appear first, since it was the newest and not sorted alphabetically for the given year.  To many times in Kodi I'd find my bran new title 200 movies deep and would be saying, "now what were the names of the new movies I added".  It use to be right in front of my face.  I wouldn't mind seeing a new tag in nfo files for this and seen a few request it but doesn't seem to have an interest in the change.

Now onto your patch.  Kind of wish I saw this last week..lol.  I was searching for something new because as you mentioned the developers do not seem to interested in Kodi support.  Heck I think their Kodi add-on scraper is even gone and dropped.  What also bothered me was inside the MyMovie manager they had the youtube vid ID for the trailer but did nothing with it, why not pass that to the nfo file?  They don't seem to care.  I tested out MediaElch.  To my surprise it read my existing nfo files just fine so it didn't muck with any titles I had to manually fix over the years.  It scraped based on those titles and even adds the proper Kodi plugin link for youtube trailer ID's...worked fantastic.  I disabled MyMovies folder monitoring for now since MediaElch seems to be doing it's job fine but I do have to do a manual scan once I add new titles.  Does your patch manage to pass that youtube trailer ID to the trailer tag in nfo files?  If not it would be good to see that added since the info is in the interface.  It would be nice to stick with one piece of software so I may give your patch a try but if I lose trailer plugin play ability then prob not.
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Just Released: My Movies patch for full Kodi support00