[split] Music Lib Dev Roadmap - Discussion (tidy up dump)
(2017-06-12, 11:59)jjd-uk Wrote: With the introduction of Artists in addition to Artist I thought if you had both the db entry was taken from Artists and then Artist is used for display. So you could have:

Artist: Sibelius, Jean
Artists: Jean Sibelius

Really must find the time to play with some of newer things.
While it is true that if you tagged in that way then the artist would be displayed for that album and songs as "Sibelius, Jean", it would take a lot of messing with tags to achieve that. Much easier to have "display sortname rather than name" as an option, then users could have the "Sibelius, Jean" when they want it without retagging.

And do find that time to explore Smile
Great work!
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Thanks Zag, but there is lots more to do, Phase #1 is just a start.
Test build from Jenkins? my compile attempts with CMake still failing Sad

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Matrix see: Aeon MQ5 Mod Martix release thread
Leia see: Aeon MQ5 Mod Leia release thread
Thanks for testing and feedback @bsoriano

Scott found a glitch for me relating to changing info provider settings for just those artists/albums selected by a smart playlist or filter. Now fixed, and a new test build is waiting:
Much nicer UI Smile
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Personally, I think your eyes shouldn't be necessary for music. Let's not drift into video territory here.
As a music fan and Kodi addict I have been observing the progress you have made and been benefitting from your work significantly. Many thanks for your vision of what Kodi could be when it comes to dealing with music and your relentless willingness and commitment to moving Kodi's music capabilities forward over such a long time. Please rest assured that this is much appreciated! Kudos, Sir!

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[split] Music Lib Dev Roadmap - Discussion (tidy up dump)0
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