Still WiP But I thought I'd show my current progress to see if anyone but me is interested in this...


The Home screen still needs tweaking.
Dialogs, Context Menus, OSK, OSD, File Manager and Settings are all still unthemed but I'm getting there Big Grin

And I have a question.

From the confines of a theme is it possible to change the colours of the fonts, a lot of this is darker than I would like because the fonts are all white and wouldn't be clear otherwise. Is it possible to make them all black?
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I don't think you can change the font color via a theme.
Would be cool of it was made to where if 'color.xml' exists in a xpr then it would default to that, that way you don't have to download the font color separately.
Look at the blue or red themes/font colors for PM3 to see the way you are going to have to make it.

Oh yeah,
Awesome theme, good to see more themes for PM3.
I just found it, you can Big Grin put a file called <themename>.xml in the /colors dir

Note to self... read the wiki, read the wiki, read the wiki ..sigh..
I'm a lurker, not a fighter!
As far as I know, when a theme is selected, if there is a corresponding color.xml with the same name as the theme, it'll be automatically selected..

Quote:When the user selects a theme, XBMC will automatically also select the themes default color set, based on the &lt;themename&gt;.xml file located in the colors/ folder.

Edit: cool, you found it Smile
Please release this!
Looks really nice, though i might try one with black instead of grey since Apple seems to be using black a lot more in their GUI these days (its usually semi-translucent too but I don't know if you could make something like that happen). Anyway, great job. when do you think it'll be ready for downloadingHuh
I have to say very nice and its amazing how you have managed to make it look so different yet good at the same time
Amazing man, very impressive...I was waiting when someone was going to come out with a good PM3 theme...and you just came out of no where with a BAM Smile

good job Smile
Indeed - this is extremely nicely done. It almost looks like a different skin altogether.

Well done!
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I'd like to see the giant XBMC scaled down. I think it'd help with the look, Other than that I think its great. i'm always a fan of these nice clean skins.
Thank you for the kind comments everybody, that spurred me into finishing this today instead of enjoying the sunshine, every texture that I had already done had to be redone because other people would be seeing it now Laugh

I tried to upload this to blackmarket but they have a 5MB file limit and the zip is 8.8MB. I've emailed the site admins to ask if they can raise the limit for me.

In the mean time, here are a few more screenshots to whet your appitite, shame I can't edit my posts or I'd just have updated the first post. ah well Big Grin

I'm a lurker, not a fighter!
OK I can't wait for blackmarket, You can download this from here Big Grin
I'm a lurker, not a fighter!
Excellent work mate...this really does look like a different skin, whilst keeping the PM3 elements in place.
totally fresh, i love it!
Looks great! Anyone know how to change font color, the standard white kinda blends in with this new background on my CRT tv.
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