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I have been using for over a year
KODI (WINDOWS 10) + KORE (Samsung Galaxy S7). As a TV server running with me Mediaportal Version. 1.19.
There are 3 lists in the PVR_section of KORE:
1. TV channels
2. Radio stations
3. Recordings
Display and control of TV channels and radio stations everything super.
Only operation of the recording list is impractical if the list becomes longer.
The latest recording is always at the bottom of the list  Sad
Why can not I sort this recording list?
The sorierung (descending) would help me a lot by date.
A search for program titles would also be great.
I would be very happy about a solution.
Greetings from Berlin, ClausMM

Why does not anyone answer me?
Am I the only one who has this problem?
Or does not anyone understand what I mean?

Greeting ClausMM
My preference would be to have shows split into folders, sortable from newest to oldest, as they are in kodi itself. But yea even just sorting the exsiting list would be a great start.
The pvr section in Kore could be really useful with some small changes but I guess the devs don't use pvr that much!

Edit: actually Yatse remote sorts newest first and allows searching recordings so I'll just use that instead.
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