Custom node for managing multi-disc sets (CD Box)

I couldn't solve this issue searching the forum, so I try to ask directly:
I'd want to split the CDs in a CD Box (for example John Martyn - The Island Years - 13 CDs box set, with every album a little different from the original of the 70s because of bonus tracks) in a way that I can dig in this way:
Artist -> Box Set name -> 1st CD-Album name (no matter the artwork) -> Tracks
and so on for the other CDs.
The default is quite OK for albums composed by 1->3 CD (like double-triple "normal" album), but not for large box sets.
Is there a way to get this by creating a custom node and tagging the box set tracks in a particular way, even manually after MusicBrainz tagging?
The structure should be also read the same way by Yatse.

Thanks in advance
You could setup a simple path rule for boxsets and have them in a different folder.

No extra tagging needed then.
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So, in some way I can configure Kodi to read the "physic" folder inside the Album level folder (if it contains mp3s and or flacs) and instruct it to create a node using the actual folder name?
Yep, you could even go a step further and just have the "BOXSET" name in any album folder that is a boxset and look for that in your main collection.

Personally I like to put all my boxsets in a seperate folder and add it as a new source but it works both ways.
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You could also simply name your files xx.yy - zzz where x is the disc number, yy is the track number and zzz is the track title.

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Custom node for managing multi-disc sets (CD Box)0
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