Unable to connect through mobile device
So my kids have lost my Vero4k remote and im unable to control kodi, in the interim of getting a new remote I thought id try any one of the mobile app's for remote control.

I can remotely login to the media player and change my guisettings which now look like this;

        <airplay default="true">true</airplay>
        <airplaypassword default="true"></airplaypassword>
        <airplayvideosupport default="true">true</airplayvideosupport>
        <airplayvolumecontrol default="true">true</airplayvolumecontrol>
        <esallinterfaces default="true">false</esallinterfaces>
        <escontinuousdelay default="true">25</escontinuousdelay>
        <esenabled default="true">true</esenabled>
        <esinitialdelay default="true">750</esinitialdelay>
        <esmaxclients default="true">20</esmaxclients>
        <esport default="true">9777</esport>
        <esportrange default="true">10</esportrange>
        <upnpannounce default="true">true</upnpannounce>
        <upnpcontroller default="true">false</upnpcontroller>
        <upnplookforexternalsubtitles default="true">false</upnplookforexternalsubtitles>
        <upnprenderer default="true">false</upnprenderer>
        <upnpserver default="true">false</upnpserver>
        <useairplaypassword default="true">false</useairplaypassword>
        <webserver default="true">true</webserver>
        <webserverpassword default="true"></webserverpassword>
        <webserverport default="true">80</webserverport>
        <webserverusername default="true"></webserverusername>
        <webskin default="true">webinterface.default</webskin>
        <zeroconf default="true">true</zeroconf>

However im not able to connect to my box with any of the remote apps.
A few points of note;

- Using the mobile app, they each find the box using the search/autodiscovery.
- browsing the ip address of the box, logs me into the kodi app (although im given a "Lost Websocket connection" error).
- both phone and box are on the same LAN.

Have i missed anything obvious?
Mobile apps - running under android? I use YATSE or Kore, which are easily set up.
What you may be missing is the Kodi settings to allow remote control:
allow remote control via HTTP
port - 80 or 8080

Just to confirm, I do not have UI access to my settings, only SSH / FTP as mentioned above.

I beleive what you are referring to above is the following settings;

<webserver default="true">true</webserver>
<webserverport default="true">80</webserverport>
The esallinterfaces one also needs to be true I think since I believe this is the Allow remote control from applications on other systems gui setting.
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