Hey found the problem! PMIII also does it if you click on the albums.
Anyways the fix is in SVN. You have to right click on the center image.
Click anywhere else and it will return to the main menu.
Awesome!! Many thanks for fixing so quickly! Smile

Where do I find the SVN with the Insidious skin? I downloaded the latest SVN (XBMC 2008-06-30 SVN rev13851 build - T3CH - GX-MOD) but it only has the PMIII skin in it. I'm not at the right area, obviously.

download and install xbmcsm (XBMC Skin Manager)
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For all intents and purposes, xbmcsm does not work on a mac. Any idea how I can install Insidious into OSXBMC without this? I just need the skin folder! It must be out there somewhere.

  • Intel NUC Kit DN2820FYKH ~ Crucial DDR3L SO-DIMM 4GB ~ SanDisk ReadyCache 32GB SSD ~ Microsoft MCE model 1039 RC6 remote
Thanks XBS; unfortunately I have no idea what to do with that link. Safari won't open it at all, Camino opens it and shows a list of what I assume is the contents of the Insidious folder, but I can neither open nor download any of the files (get an "error: document contains no data" message).

Looks like I'll have to stick with Aeon since a n00b like me can't even handle the installation of Insidious.Stare
Try this link for the latest build.
I haven't had any time to make updates but expect some in the near future.
That worked. Thanks Wir3d!
Thumbs Up 
This is the cleanest skin I've seen yet! I registered here just so I could say thanks!!

It's so much better than Aeon or Mediastream in my opinion. Those are far too cluttered and hard to read. The menus are dark, the stock images are faaaaaaar too busy. I get a headache looking at them.

I have a 52" 1080p TV and have been using xTV for the last year. It has a nice look, but I liked the improved features in Aeon. But on a big screen Aeon's menus are horrible. The same with Mediastream. They distract from the artwork on all the movie, cd and tv show covers I've so painstakingly downloaded.

And then I found Insidious...............Big Grin:eek2:


So simple...................
It has every menu option I could want, links to libraries, scripts and power menu on home page (why no one else does this??).

Wir3d you are a genius. Pure simplicity with ultimate

Here are my constructive criticisms/comments:

-when custom night background is enabled fanart does not appear for TV shows
-a media info type view for movies!!!! I can tell you hate clutter but a few of those views would lend well to having a little text injected. List3 in particular would look awesome with text to the left of the DVD cover:
-ability to make a specific drive default in Videos (not working for me)
-1080i support!!!! (Not rushing you, just hoping soon! :p)
-the 'trailer' option in Movie Info isn't working for me even with AMT fully installed, could there be an option to enable this in skin settings?
-use fanart for the music library view - doesn't need to change with albums, but a different background to tell I've switched menus would be nice!

Please don't ever abandon this skin! Keep up the great work, it's much appreciated!Big Grin

Thank you!
Sorry I missed the last post... Been busy!
I have pretty much abandoned this skin and started another from the ground up.
It's very similar to this but more along the lines of Divx Connected.

Not sure why but I have always been intrigued by Connected.
Anyways, look for something real soon. I am looking for a tester or two so PM me if you are interested. Currently have a 720p tester.
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