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(2018-05-17, 05:51)Coolzero Wrote:
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(2018-05-07, 21:11)Coolzero Wrote: Yet another question, I can also set fanarts or pictures behind other main menu items, as z.b. behind "pictures"? I did not find anything Thank you

Yes, that's possible.

Skin settings > Backgrounds > Custom Backgrounds > Movies / Pictures etc.etc.
You can choose the default global background, one single image, multiple images from a folder or a fanart slideshow.

Check the wiki for details about the skin settings and a lot of other useful info:  
 OK, but can not I use wallpapers stored on my NAS and not local in the Kodi host? I use NFS shares. I do not get any shares under the custom backgrounds 

I don't use a NAS.
But you should be able to add backgrounds from all locations added in Kodi.

If your NAS is not added, go to:
General > File Manager > Add source
Browse to your NAS drive.

You should now be able to add backgrounds from your NAS.

The other issues are script related and not skin related.
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