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So I have a few episodes of The Flash (2014) - TheTVDB series 279121
This series is a remake of the original and as such requires the (2014) bit at the end or it gets recognised as the original series (there are a few more like this - Battlestar Galactica, and the new Lost in Space for example).

Upon renaming these files with the naming convention as:
  TV Folder Name: $N
  Season folder Name: Season $1
  Episode Filename: $N - S$2E$E  - $T

The episode gets renamed as: 
\tvMediaLocation\The Flash\The Flash - S01E01 - The Title
But it should be
\tvMediaLocation\The Flash (2014)\The Flash (2014) - S01E01 - The Title

Working fine for all other series, but anything with (YYYY) format gets renamed without the (YYYY) bit.
Using the folder name as $N ($Y) works, but renames all other folders incorrectly, which in turn causes my media players to incorrectly identify the series META.
TheTVDB identifies these series with the (YYYY) bit on the end but TMM seems to disregard it (

Is this a bug or is there a better naming convention?
no bug - there were several requests to ignore the year name in the name...
you could re-add the year name in the TV show name AFTER scraping, BEFORE renaming to get rid of this..

because there are several metadata sources out there, we cannot guarantee that all provide the data in the _right_ way (as in the movies section WITH year)...
we may change the naming convention soon after an internal discussion (better to put the year everywhere than produce mixed folders)

Thanks for reporting!
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Fair enough - but could I request the addition of another variable then that shows the actual name of the series.
That way anyone can simply ignore if necessary, and I can have the $F (fullTitle) option Smile

The mixed folders is exactly what I have - some series are remakes of older ones and those alone need the year adding.
Adding the year to the folders that don't need it simply screws up my other media players that are waaaaaay too picky about the name matching exactly the name from TheTVBD.
The Flash (2014) -> yeah happy with that
The Flash -> WTF, ALERT ALERT, cannot compute, error error, warning imminent death approaching etc...
Big Grin

Right on the movies though - they are indeed all MovieName[, article] (YYYY) format
If only the TV series people were more fastidious!
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