TVDB scraping issues
It looks to me like TVDB has updated their website.  Since that has happened EMM seems to crash anytime I try to scrape a TV Show.  It has worked fine before the update, but I haven't tried any new shows in a little over a week.  Was there a change to the way they do things now?
It seems to be working in an older version of EMM ( x86), but since the website update a LOT of other programs have lost the scraping functionality. Specifically TheRenamer, TVrenamer, Plex, Filebot, Media Center Master, and those are just the ones I know of. Unsure what to do to circumvent this, I manually renamed my files in the format I normally use and it still seemed to pull thumbnail/show info, so not sure.

EDIT: If I had to guess (and I'm by no means an expert) the TV Fetcher might be down, or because they took the ID tags out of the URLs? It seems to really be a problem with the automatic renaming, not as much with other show/episode info.

EDIT2: Not sure if this helps, but this is from a thread over at the tvdb forums that may give more insight:
Quote:To my knowledge, only APIv2 is supported while the new site is deployed.
After that process completes, there may be some support for legacy v1, but we're committed to working with projects to switch to v2 as v1 isn't going to stay around forever.

My understanding of the issue is incomplete, but it's possible that legacy addresses are being used, or that there's simply temporary outages associated with the process of the deployment that should clear up shortly. The staff seems to be seeing success with at least Plex, so this seems to be the latter.
Looks like the website and API changes needs some days to work again.

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TVDB scraping issues0
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