Wrong number of movies?!?
Hello movie friends Smile

My TinyMediaManager shows up 1345 movies...
but in my folder there are 1346 movies...

I coud mark all Movies beginning with A in my windows folder...
But when i mark all movies beginning with A in TMM, it dont show me how much movies are marked.
So i can not compare them...

how can i find out which one is the missing movie ?!?

Thank u for your help.

Kind regards
Missing movie scanner Add-on:Missing_Movie_Scanner (wiki)

I don't think that will work in Tiny Media Manager.

But for Kodi, you could use the native version of missing movie scanner. It is called Event Log... Event_Log (wiki) (won't work in TMM)
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We also have a "find missing movies" in menu.
This does not much - it just checks the datasource for files bigger than 100mb, which are not in our database.
(any file, not just videos)

What i also could imagine, is an empty left-over folder from a rename.
Use some tools like "folder sizer" or similar, sort by size, and check if you've got a fairly low one...
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