v18 -  Focrce Playback windowed out of dialog window
Hi, is ther any way i can force windowed playback when select "source" out of a dialog ?

personal Background :
I skinned a viewtype, i can use windowed trailer playback in my viewtype without any problems  (autoplay Youtube Addon).

But the Known exception are TV Shows/MovieSets, so i use Skinhelper to force the search in Youtube Addon,  but that ends up with a dialog.
Wich forces playback in fullscreen.

I did a workaround (<fullscreenonmoviestart>false</fullscreenonmoviestart> in advancedsettings.xml) , but i dont like to set

<on*** condition="foo | bar">fullscreen</***>
for everything wich i dont like to play windowed.

Is there a known more practical way to skin windowed playback out of a Dialog Window.
Hi mardukL,

Loving your skin, thanks for the great work!

I am trying to implement a similar feature in a different skin to play trailers "onup" from a view and seem to be hitting the issue you mentioned in this post.

Any chance you should share with me how you solved trailers called by skinhelper (youtube) from going into fullscreen?

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