Syncing of add-ons to Multiple devices
Hey Guys, posting this in here, as its more related to an over-all process rather than individual add-ons. but is there any way that add-ons can be mirrored between devices? I would like to be able to install on one, but have the same available on my other devices... Rather than having to install on each of them?

Is there a way this can be done? would be really handy to be able to deploy and push to other devices....
There isn't a built in way.

To do this with Windows boxes, the easiest way is to create a Batch file that will copy the relevant files/folders from the "Master" box to all the slave boxes and you can use TaskScheduler to make it run automatically every day at a specific time. You could also use the Free Microsoft SyncToy if you are not familiar with batch files or prefer a sync to a full copy.

To do this with Android boxes there are several choices. You can sync files to a Dropbox/OneDrive location from all the boxes which should keep them all in sync. You can also use the "SyncMe Wireless" app to sync files to a Windows shared folder (which could also be the Kodi User files folder on that Windows machine).

Between these options of copy scripts and sync programs, you should be able to setup something that will keep all boxes synced up. You may need to use one box as a master that copies/syncs to all the others, I am not sure how your particular setup will turn out.

Here are some instructions for SyncToy:

Here are some instructions for SyncMe Wireless:
I haven't tried this, but my general approach would be

1.  Create a shared folder for addons on a server system.
2.  On each client, create a symbolic link from the local "addons" to the shared folder using the client's OS tools (on Windows you probably need to rmount the share to a system volume / drive letter in order to create the link).
3.  Install addons as normal.  You still probably have a problem of addons showing "disabled" initially on all clients/profiles (other than the one you installed on) so you have to enable the addons (and dependencies) on all the clients individually.

I'm not sure you can access the linked share simultaneously by multiple clients.  Maybe OK for read only?

scott s.
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