Beta -  Media Maintenance

Available from my Beta repository.

  • Monitor TV & Movie playback; "On Stop" remove watched content from storage and library. Unlike other utilities this script allows custom TV Show monitoring w/Sonarr support .
  • Scheduled storage and library maintenance.... More details on release.
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Available in my beta repository, feedback and suggestions for improvement would be appreciated. THX
Image Lunatixz - Kodi / Beta repository
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Per your instruction here:

My utility request is a simple Update & Clean add-on/utility.  I'm basically looking for a manual (not automated) one-click button/function that will update your library and then clean your library when run.  It would be easiest if it was a standalone add-on/utility, so when a user selected that add-on/utility they really only had one option, to "Run Now".  I find that when dealing with non-technical people, the fewer the steps, the better.  If it was part of a larger add-on/utility, that's fine as long as it's still easy for a novice to find the "Run now" function within that add-on/utility without having to navigate too deep within a menu.

Thank you for the consideration.
I 2nd this. Library Auto Update and WatchDog dont seem to actually update my library and I have to manually go in and scan for new content for things to show up. I'd also like something I could schedule every couple hours but add a quick menu setting to run in case it needs to be ran manually.
I actually figured out something that works for me... 

First off, I got Library Auto Updater to work

Second, you can create a menu item in your skin to be "Update Video Library". I have mine under the System Menu.

Go to your skin settings, set the Main Menu customizer. In my case I went to System > Manage submenu. Added a new menu for Update Video Library. 

The Item for this is Kodi Command > Update Video Library

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