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4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations.
It would be great to add Z9S and CoreELEC. I think both are very reliable regarding to HDR support "out of the box".
so im not sure if this is the right place to post this but i just wanted to add my experience with 4k hdr in kodi jarvis.

so basically i have a windows 10 machine with a nvidia 1070, i have my computer connected to a yamaha tsr 7850 via high speed hdmi cable which outputs to a sony 65x930c

So when i turn on hdr under the display settings the tv wll auto switch to hdr mode, and will not allow me to change the video settings from hdr mode (which is normal when playing hdr content) when i turn off hdr in display settings the tv will auto switch back to cinema home (previous display mode)

if I have hdr turned on when i start up kodi full screen, the computer switches back to non hdr mode, i know this becuase the tv auto switches to whatever video mode i was using before switching to hdr (cinema home) however i can manually change the display mode to hdr mode.

when playing back hdr content i have to manually change the video mode on my tv to hdr mode and make sure my color setting is set to bt2020 in the tv settings, the tv actually lets you set which color space you want to be in. (theres auto, srgb/bt709, dci, bt2020 

manually setting the tv to hdr and manually setting bt202 looks exactly the same as playing the same content through infuse on the apple tv4k, which autoswitches into hdr mode on my tv (doesnt let me switch out of hdr mode) and if i leave the color space in auto it will choose the correct color space when playing back hdr (bt2020) and non hdr (bt709) content 

it seems that i get the same results even i dont turn on hdr mode in windows, at least when using kodi. I beleive this is because once i go full screen in kodi, windows detects the program doest use hdr and just turns off hdr mode in display settings. 
If i leave kodi on "use fullscreen window" and i turn on hdrmode in windows display setting, my tv stays in forced hdr mode, and all hdr videos in kodi dont look correct, colors are washed out and black levels are gone.

i do all this whenever i want to watch a movie with an atmos track as i have atmos speakers.

first my computer is set to hdr mode in display settings. usually just leave this on as i sometimes play hdr games
then i turn on kodi
manually switch to hdr mode in tv picture settings
make sure that bt2020 is selected as color space in color section of picture settings
at this point the kodi interface looks super saturated (im assuming becuase the interface is actually graded for srgb/bt709)
once i play a movie everything looks great and i get atmos audio

if i dont want to do all that i just play through enfuse on the apple tv 4k which auto switches hdr mode on my tv and auto selects the correct color space, i just have to deal with no tru atmos sound. i can set the receiver to nueral x but its not the same, not by a long shot. Ive done a ton of testing switching back and forth.

Also in case you were wondering about atmos on the appletv4k i tested gaurdians of the galaxy 2 and compared the netflix atmos track to the tru 4k atmos track and aside from the true bluray track sounding louder (at -20) on my receiver, the detail was basically the same i just had to add about 6 decibels when playing on netflix to get the same volume. so streaming atmos isnt bad at all, at least on that movie.
Pretty sure HDR isn't even supported in Jarvis. Also if you're forcing HDR mode it's probably just 'fake' SDR to HDR mapping.
(2018-05-25, 07:50)wrxtasy Wrote: (January 2019)

The aim of this thread is not to play one media player off against the other but simply to collect known issues across various media players into one central condensed thread so potential buyers can be informed about various problems and limitations that may affect them personally if buying 4K HDR10 capable hardware.

This thread will be updated as various issues get fixed, and those issues are confirmed tested & fixed by more than a single user AND media player sellers release stable Firmware updates to the general public.
If anything is missing/incorrect and considered a serious issue please let me know.

4K HDR10 capable platforms.The following thread is a good background pre-read about what to look for with seamless SDR & 4K HDR usage: Auto frame rate switching & dynamic range matching - 4K (HDR10) capable Hardware (click)*** Gigabit Ethernet (1000M) is needed for reliable 7.1 HD audio - 4K HDR Bluray Rip home networked streaming. ***

In no particular order....

----- SNIP ----- SNIP ----- SNIP -----

W. Big Grin  

1) Does the above also cover playback from Blu-Ray disc ?
Yesterday evening, I took some of my old and new Blu-Ray discs and my Pioneer BDR-211EBK Blu-Ray burner (in an Icy Box IB-550StU3S) and went to someone who works through the same contracting agency as I do. The goal was to find out whether the Vero 4K+ in particular, or one of the others could playback 4K HDR10 Blu-Ray discs.
She has these devices : ODROID-C2 (LibreElec), Khadas VIM 2 Lite (LibreElec), and Vero 4K+ (OSMC).

I took with me some 1080p (pre-4K era) Blu-Ray discs, for example Yes Man (2008).

And I recently bought the following 4K HDR10 Blu-Ray discs. Which I all took with me.
Black Panter : Native 4K + Dolby Vision + HDR10.
Spider-Man Homecoming : Upscaled 4K (from 2K) + Dolby Vision + HDR10.
Halloween : Upscaled 4K + Dolby Vision + HDR10.
Planet Earth II : Native 4K + HDR10.
BlackkKlansman : Native 4K + Dolby Vision + HDR10.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 + 3D Blu-Ray : Upscaled 4K + Dolby Vision + HDR10.

The Yes Man (2008) and the other older pre-4K discs all playback from the 3 mentioned devices with help of the KEYDB.cfg file (and I believe one or more of libaacs, libbluray, libbdplus).
But none of the 4K Blu-Ray discs playback from the 3 mentioned devices. Black screen, no sound.

2) Is this due to the hardware of the 3 devices, or just a missing VUK-key in KEYDB.cfg ?

Just looking for confirmation, or maybe even a workable resolution.
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4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations.3.176