Movie trailers scraped but won't download
i installed tinyMediaManager without issues using tmm_2.9.11_14460_linux.tar.gz on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32-bit per instructions at

my library is movies only, in separate folders using IMDB names as <movie title> <year> (plus .ext for the movie and subtitle files).  i am seeking to add movie plots, info, art, and trailers to the library folders for about 2,000 movies.

when testing on a sample library of two movies [1987 When the Day Comes (2017) and Death Proof (2007)], TMM scrapes posters, fanart, and info into folders, and recognizes my library movie resolutions, audio specs, run time, etc.  the library already contains subs for foreign movies named <movie title> <year>.en.ext and TMM recognizes these and shows them present.

in TMM Settings-Trailer tab, i have selected - 1.11 trailer scraper, automatic trailer download, and no preferred settings.  TMM finds the trailers online and will stream them from the Trailer tab, but will neither download them automatically when scraping metadata nor by separate command after scraping.  everything else is correctly scraped and saved into the movie folders.

if i manually download trailers and place them in the movie folders using TMM naming conventions, Kodi recognizes the library and displays it properly, including offline playing of trailers.  this is important for me because the library is mostly viewed at a remote location without internet access.

thanks to all who have contributed to this fine kodi tool, and for any help getting automated trailer download working.

update:  unable to get TMM to download trailers on my Linux platform, i borrowed a Windows 10 notebook and installed Ember Media Manager (which doesn't run on Linux and i couldn't get working in Wine).  with ember,i was able to reproduce the TMM results for info, poster, fanart, and actor thumbnails.  and, EMM readily downloaded trailers for about 95% of the movies; the rest i downloaded manually, renamed, and put in the movie folders, which then worked perfect in the Kodi library.  still have no clues why trailers won't download with TMM.

can you upload the logfile to some pastebin site?
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thanks.  i will reproduce the issue and upload /var/log to gist github and post the link.
please search for the "tmm.log" inside your TMM installation...
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thanks for your reply.  i posted the log at  this was my first gist.github upload and i must have fumbled somehow.  i got the message

Your account has been flagged.  Because of that, your profile is hidden from the public. If you believe this is a mistake, contact support to have your account status reviewed.

and the link doesn't work.  the log is there but apparently only i can see it.  on advice from the github forum, i sent email to github support.  i will post again when the log becomes viewable.

gist.github link now working.
Just had a look at the logs.. Does emm download trailers from YouTube or other sources?
At the moment it looks like YouTube changed their link obfuscation once more (need to reinvent it in tmm)...
If you try to download a trailer from it should work
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as to EMM:  presently 40% finished scraping a 2,500 movie archive, achieving about 95% trailer downloads when using the following trailer scraper order:  1. TMDB, 2. IMDB, 3., 4. Davestrailerpage, 5. YouTube.  i haven't tried one scraper at a time to see which ones work on which movies, and so don't know if Youtube has been an EMM trailer source.

as to Apple:  i had earlier read recommendations to use the Apple scraper for trailers.  initially, EMM was scraping some pathologically large .mov trailers (100-200 MB).   i disabled the Apple scraper as a precaution. this seems to have fixed the problem but i have not proven where the .mov mega trailers were coming from.  the Apple scraper did not produce tMM trailer downloads.

as to tMM/Youtube:  i tried each tMM movie scraper separately, and tried the preferred trailer scraper option, but never got a trailer file, just links.  i did not view or save the logfiles for each trailer scraper setting, but will test further if it would be helpful to the tMM project.  just let me know.

thank you for reviewing the logfile.

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Movie trailers scraped but won't download0
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