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[RELEASE] Movieago (Video) Plugin
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Okay folks.

This is for

They have 17 sections, and they are slowly starting to rebuild their site.
Right now they have a reasonable selection of videos, enough for me to create a plugin.Nod

Any links that not working are because they are dead on the site.

I have reported every dead link to the site Admins, lets see how they react.

To be honest i wrote this for Dylan Morans new york comedy special & George Carlin. The rest came afterLaugh

As per usual any problems, you know where to find me.

Thanks, Voinage.
voinage, do you ever stop?! Thanks man, you are the king of plug-ins..!
wow Voinage are you getting paid for this? Man you deserve to!!!

thanks and once again: YOU ROCK!!!

[RELEASE] Movieago (Video) Plugin00