[RELEASE] Movieago (Video) Plugin

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Voinage Offline
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Thumbs Up  [RELEASE] Movieago (Video) Plugin
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Okay folks.

This is for Movieago.com.

They have 17 sections, and they are slowly starting to rebuild their site.
Right now they have a reasonable selection of videos, enough for me to create a plugin.Nod

Any links that not working are because they are dead on the site.

I have reported every dead link to the site Admins, lets see how they react.

To be honest i wrote this for Dylan Morans new york comedy special & George Carlin. The rest came afterLaugh

As per usual any problems, you know where to find me.

Thanks, Voinage.
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aart Offline
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voinage, do you ever stop?! Thanks man, you are the king of plug-ins..!
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Khabir Offline
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wow Voinage are you getting paid for this? Man you deserve to!!!

thanks and once again: YOU ROCK!!!
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