Best Management Methods for Large Libraries
I search for a way the user rating tag to be updated or created in the NFO file when one add its own rating in kodi. Did anyone make an extension for that purpose ?
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Kodi 17.6
I've a large library.

I use a temp folder solution with sick gear to pull and update show details.

I use EMBY to update movies, by just putting the movie file into a movie directory.

Kodi updates the library from local files whenever it's been idle.
I don't have nearly the size of library as you (I don't know if there are many at all to be honest lol), but i have about 4TB of media that's hosted on a Rpi3 over WiFi. WiFi isn't my bottleneck, but the USB 2.0 of raspberry Pis most definitely is. that being said, I do have a few hundred movie folders on one external drive connected to the pi. Eventually I started to notice how just entering the folder in a GUI would seem to almost hang just before finally loading every folder (this is without a thumbnail view). That's when I started having tinyMediaManager move each movie into it's sorted title, first letter folder. Now I've got a library of only 27 folders in the root (A-Z plus #), and it takes no time at all to browse or have kodi scrape for that matter. You can imagine how great a difference that made for few thousand artist folders I had for my music, which I now use picard (MusicBrainzdb) to manage in the same fashion.
I'll finish by mentioning that I don't use an SQL database, and that may be how one gets around the very issues I'm describing as having here. I've been looking more and more into how to implement and use a database as my library grows, but of course will have put it off until it's a mess xD.

TL;DR -- Nest your library as much as possible to cut down on the query time for the index/file list of such large directories. Movies/TV Shows might be great to use the first letter in the sorted title, followed by first genre, year, then finally the title, or however makes the most sense to whoever is managing it. With the roughly 500 movies I'm approaching, in addition to another drive, I'm thinking of a new pattern myself of how to best store things.
@psyburr  , am I understanding the above post correctly , your saying you have all your movies in alphabetical folders on TMM ?
same with series ?
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