Sort by timestamp on the file?
First of all, I'm using tmm 2.9.12 on Linux(Gentoo specifically)

Is there a way to get tmm to sort titles by the timestamp aka "last modified" date on a file? I have a LARGE collection(5,000) of clips and need to be able to sort them not by when they were added but by when they were created/modified.

If there were a way to add individual files via the command line, I could write a quick script that could work with the current "date added" system and sort the files by timestamp and add them in the appropriate order which would accomplish nearly the same thing but there only seems to be options for updating the library as a whole and not merely picking certain files/folders.

Hell, if i could figure out how to edit the database, I could do this myself but so far all my attempts to connect to it have failed.

I'd also like to be able to select several clips at once and play them from the "Movies" menu. My media player handles queuing files and this would make it tons easier for me to review and remove old or useless clips...but that's for another time..
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