OS X -  Video/Movies - Audio missing one channel.
I have a MacBook Pro, running 10.13.5, with Kodi 17.6 on it. I use a Phillips LCD TV to watch movies, from Kodi on the Mac via HDMI, both from a HDD attached to the Mac and also streaming from Addons in Kodi. And also Youtubery from the Youtube add-on in Kodi. I also use headphones at times, both wired connected to the TV and bluetooth earbuds connected to the Mac.

My problem is:  Whilst I know that the various movies and videos that I'm seeing, may have different Audio formats, when I use the Blue tooth headphones, mostly I only get either the left or right channel.

This does not happen:

- Using Youtube on the Mac only (no Kodi)
- Using Youtube in Kodi
- Using wired headphones from the TV, Mac or Kodi.

So it's only Bluetooth earbuds, from Kodi, watching movies, streamed and from HDD, and it's most movies.

Can I get Kodi to "force' what ever the audio format is, into two channel sound, even if it's just two mono channels?

I have tried every permutation of the Kodi audio settings, and the Mac bluetooth and sound settings and I am at a loss.

I know this is the  Video Support area, but this only happens when watching Video/movies. - Youtubery and Alert sounds in the Mac only and in Kodi are not affected.

Cheers and I hope someone knows the answer.
One further note, I downloaded the Alpha of Kodi 18 yesterday, ran it in a different user profile,  and it seems to behave the same.
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