What's my best option as a UK FreeviewHD TV backend?
To make things more wife friendly, I've ditched my all Windows client setup and moved over to a Vero4K in the kitchen, and 2 Nvidia Shields elsewhere around the house. It would seem that a windows based TV backend is more hassle that it's worth as accessing the SMB storage just isn't happening on anything not Windows 10 based.
For that reason I'm looking at my options.
I have 2 USB tuners...

August DVB-T210 (I bought this first, it wasn't very reliable on Windows)
Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD (This one was its more reliable replacement)

For the backend I have a few options...

1, I have a Raspberry Pi 3 lying around doing nothing.
2, The Intel NUC 2820 I was using as a client & backend is also doing nothing. It currently has windows 10 on, but I could ditch that in favour of something else.
3, The Vero4K supports some tuners via its OSMC operating system.
4, I think the Nvidia Shield can also do this, but I'd rather not use those if possible.

Storage wise, I have a NAS I use for storing my Blu-Ray rips on, or the Intel NUC has a 2Tb laptop HDD that I was using for recording/timeshifting.
I'd prefer not to use my NAS if possible. I don't mind removing the HDD from the NUC if required. I already have a SATA-USB adaptor.

The other option I have considered is buying a VBox TV Gateway, but I can't really justify spending over £100 when I probably have everything I need here.

So what are my options?
Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

If the Pi3 is doing nothing you could try it with TVHeadEnd and then see if that fulfils your needs.

I use one at home coupled to an HDHomeRun and my NAS (for recording storage) and it integrates nicely into Kodi via the PVR add-on and can be used to watch both live and recorded.

As the software is free, you've nothing to lose except a little time in setting up and configuring it, but even that's not too difficult.
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What's my best option as a UK FreeviewHD TV backend?00