Linux -  using Kodi with touchscreens under Linux
Hello forum,

i would like to use Kodi with a touchscreen under Linux. Are the better and less good
Linux-distros for Kodi under Linux (especially when it comes to use a touchscreen)?

Thank you very much for every feedback!


I do not yet own a laptop with a touchscreen
It all depends on your level of expertise.

Generally I would recommend using some Ubuntu if you want to use Kodi on it. Can´t say anything in regard of touchscreens and if Ubuntu will work properly with it.

If I would consider buying a laptop which has a touchscreen, I would see if there are some models which might be interesting for me and then start to google if there are any known problems with that model while using Ubuntu.

If the hardware works fine using a specific OS (let´s say Ubuntu), then I guess Kodi will work fine as well.

So, in the end your question is generally not a Kodi question. The OS has to support the hardware. If you install applications on the OS and the hardware is supported by the OS, then the application should also work.
Thank you very much DaVu for the Feedback!

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