[Solved] Scraper Logic for Movie Info Extraction from Foldername?

after the Kodi-internal scraper and MediaElch I tried TMM and I am extremely pleased so far. It's way superior.
It's a very thought through and stable tool.
Unfortunately no movie titles are found automatically (take best hit).
Apparently this is due to my folder-naming.
Each Movie lies in its own folder which is named like the following (including the braces):
Moviename [year] [language] {resolution}
This leads to the following search string without any hits:
Moviename {resolution}
I searched and only found comments about a very complex information extracting process.
Is there any way to customize the information extraction to preferably:
Moviename [year]
I could write a script to rename the folders so only the year has these braces {} but I have been using this logic for all my music and movies/tv-shows for ages and it has always worked so far.

Thanks so much for any hints in advance!
It looks like, we didn't treat a curly bracket as delimiter yet.
So it will be added to title, although it should not.

You might want to try latest nightly build.
- delete all movies from DB
- delete possible wrongly created NFO files
- update
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Thank you for your fast response!
Wow, it looks indeed like the nightly build addresses exactly my described problem.

I occasionally get wrong result, but that is due to my personal organizing as I am using the original (english) title in the folder but scrape all information in german.
I know, it's very unusual but I'd like to ask anyway just to be safe:
Is there any way to always treat the foldername as the original (even better, english) title and search for that no matter of the selected language for information scraping?
No, but the scraped "original title" should be mostly in english.
You can use that in renamer, and even for GUI title listing IIRC...
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
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As soon as the movie is scraped correctly, everything is like it should be.
What I meant is, that scraping with the original (english) title but having selected a different language from english sometimes doesn't give the correct result (compared to scraping with english as selected language).
But that's on me and my structure/habit.

Thanks for your support.
Consider my question solved.
With the curly brackets added as delimiter, I now can use TMM as my primary scraper - woohoo!
This reminded me to perform my yearly donation - get yourself an earned cup of coffee  Wink
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