I have an "Triax TSS 400 MKII" and i'm loking for an way to use it also in KODI on my XBOXoneS.

Is there an Client that supports SAT>IP?
Try to install a PVR addon, for example Tvheadend, and configure it to use the Triax for FTA channels (see Tvheadend forums for details).
Yes - TV Headend has good support for SAT>IP tuners. You really need a PVR backend (like TV Headend) between Kodi and your SAT>IP tuner for full functionality, there isn't much to be gained by writing a PVR client to directly access SAT>IP tuners.

LibreElec builds usually include the ability to install a TV Headend service on the same box running LibreElec, but running it separately (some NASs can run TV Headend, or you can install it in a Docker container on unRAID etc.) can make sense too.  The great advantage of SAT>IP (and other networked tuners) is that your TV Headend box doesn't need to have driver support for specific tuner hardware nor does it have to be located near your LNB/Antenna connections Smile
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