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First of all - great tool! I just tried it and it's amazing!

I have a quick question - is there any way to have a "Batch Title rename/replace"?

Here is "why":
  • Most of the files I have include .m720p. in the name.
  • After being imported (The.Example.2012.m720p.BluRay.x264-example) they have as a title "The Example M720p" and in most of the cases they cannot be found in the database (iMDB, etc.) when scrapping.
Would it be possible to have the option to rename/replace the Title (not the file)? Something like this - replace text "xxxx" in the title with "yyyy" (can be space and it will work in my case).

Or maybe add m720p into the "excluded" list when generating the Title - same as 720p, 1080p, etc..

p.s. please apologize if this has been already discussed.

Thanks in advance,
there is a badwords option in the datasource settings - try playing around with that
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Thanks for the prompt answer! It works perfectly! Smile
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