Nextpvr Shield Oreo Tuner Lost
I am getting the error "Nextpvr Tuner Client Lost" after new oreo update on the nvidia shield tv. All of my other devices (fire Tvs and Computers) are working fine. I have done a full reset and new kodi install on the shield and it has not changed. It does it both over wifi and ethernet. Here is the link to my log.

ajelicacoq (paste)
Welcome to any ideas, can't seem to figure this out unless I downgrade my shield.
Live TV locks up on mine (Nvidia Shield) after update as well.  Recorded TV works.  All other internet streams work (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime. etc.).  MiBox3  update has same issue except it seems top recover (like a buffering issue).  This is a KODI issue for sure.  In addition pressing a holding the select button on say a recorded TV show does not bring up the submenu anymore.  Suspect this has to do with the redefinition of the select press and hold for the Play Next "feature".

How do I downgrade to previous version?
I was able to downgrade to 6.3 OS and no longer have the issue. Hope someone can help with a resolution for 7.0.2.
I have the same problem with my Shield TV after upgrading to Oreo.  If you are looking for a work around for the time being disable "time shift" in the NextPVR settings and it will function again.  Devs, I hope that gives an idea on what the problem is or at least where to start Sad  I will include a log file as well once I get home.

If you are experiencing this issue, please try and disable time shift and report back if that helped!
Yep, disabling timeshift fixed the issue for me.
I don't get Tuner lost notifications, I will be watching and the framerate will drop and then eventually the stream (and Kodi) hang.
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