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I have read some prior threads and have seen statements that tMM will not get to Android. I mean not to rehash the discussion, I only wish to ask, as those discussions are a bit aged now, if there has been a change in that status? The way I figure it, there must be 100 Android users for every Mac user, so Android just makes sense. LOL! I got jokes, I understand if the status has not changed, just asking.
what do you expect to do on a android device with tmm?

- the mass of information tmm has now won't fit into a small screen device (we have problems to find a good screen setup to work on small laptop screens too..)
- tmm needs libmediainfo to gather/analyze your media files.. dunno if libmediainfo works on an android device as good as on a pc
- depending on the size of your library tmm needs a good amount of space (primary for caching images)

tmm is designed to be a desktop app and will stay there... even if we _could_ transform it to a mobile/web app, we won't invest more time into tmm than needed.. tmm is a hobby of 2 devs - and we've got family (and children now) and a full time job. as you see there is barely time for a hobby now
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That is a good question, and one I never answered. I am looking for a method for my mother to look through all my movies and pick one of which to watch. I currently have a paid version of Archos media player. I find myself investing in a few different devs trying to find a solid solution. I love your software, but I wish I could even just use the free one on Android. Please have a look at the methods by which Archos presents the user with movie options. I formerly used Kodi for my mother... I have ALL local content and will no longer deal with the insane resources required to play a video file as it compares, to for example, VLC. I have been told by the devs that they require more resources to play a movie than VLC, and if you do not want to provide those resources, you are in their way of development. All I want is a player, simple, light weight, and browsable.
Cheers on the family, I sincerely hope fatherhood is rewarding for you. Always worry about your lady and child first Smile
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