v17 dsf files: Loud transient noise between 5.1 tracks

I am a Kodi newbie and have a problem playing dsf multichannel files.

A single file is played back without any problems.
(Kodi 17 / Libreelec / RPi)
When playing several files in a row, however, there is a loud, unpleasant noise between the titles.
Could be harmful to the speakers in a long run.
2 channel titles are not affected.
A friend's Oppo (BD103?) plays everything without any problems.

The following variants were tested:

dsf 5.1 (dst) >> Transient
dsf 5.1 (dsd) >> Transient
dsf 2.0 (dst) >> OK
dsf 2.0 (dsd) >> OK

To avoid an error in the files, each title was generated in two different ways without changing behavior.

At first, i wanted to create an issue on Github.
That doesn't seem possible for Kodi.

However, I found an interesting post in another project:

"It appears some players cannot handle zero padding at the tail of a DSF correctly. 
I have implemented an option to avoid zero padding while maintaining gap-less data and created a pull request.  "

So i searched for some infos regarding dsf zero padding:

it says:
Block size per channel is fixed, so please fill ZERO(0x00) for unused sample data area in the block

So zero padding is standard for dsf files and avoid it would'nt be the right way.
If this is the root cause for the transient noise between the tracks, i would be very happy if the bug could be fixed (-;

found no threads by searching with keywords like "dsf transient noise" / "dsf noise"
So  i don't know if this is the right place to open an issue.
If not, please point me into the right direction.


Raisng the problem here is fine (Github issues would soon get overwhelming given the size of Kodi usersbase, so disabled).

There have been many player fixes and improvements in v18, so it would be useful if you could try a Millhouse build (noting the RPi/LE) of the current nighty, and see if the problem is solved. See forum https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=298461

downloaded the 701 built two days ago but unfortunately no time for backup the actual installation and test a new one.
hope i can check it on friday
i'll report back as soon as possible.

Thanks for the quick reply
and regards

OK, tried Leia:

the playback of 5.1 dsf files seems to be completely screwed up.
(stuttering, echoes, very low volume)

So i've to find some time to restore the old system.

Just before i did the upgrade i found some free official 5.1 dsf downloads which showed the same problem.
So i'm pretty shure it's a bug

The kodi trac systems seems to be the right place to open a ticket.
(2018-07-05, 19:18)strgaltdel Wrote: OK, tried Leia: "outch"
the playback of 5.1 dsf files seems to be completely screwed up.
(stuttering, echoes, very low volume)
The player devs are going to need a lot more to go on than that.
(2018-07-05, 19:18)strgaltdel Wrote: The kodi trac systems seems to be the right place to open a ticket.
OK, thanks for ticket. The only problem is I don't know who on the team active at the moment, if anyone, is interested in dsf file playback. I'm the music library guy, but know nothing about player mysteries and can't be of any help. I will see if I can identify someone to look at it otherwise the ticket could just sit there. Providing  log files and example music file will help, but the team is short on experts with spare time so please be patient.
Support for SACD and related formats in KODI is experimental at best. Please use this thread to follow up and help https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=106329
There's very few developers involved and opening a trac ticket will not help at this point. Maybe if enough requests are voiced, it would gain momentum. Don't hold your hopes up though, it's still a "minority" format, even though I know there's kind of a cult following - but those are still very few people compared to mainstream formats.
(2018-07-07, 18:15)HeresJohnny Wrote: There's very few developers involved and opening a trac ticket will not help at this point. Maybe if enough requests are voiced, it would gain momentum.
Honestly it doesn't make any difference how many people ask for something, or how enthusiasticaly they ask. What is needed is someone with the necessary skills to give their time completely freely to the community. How you find them in the world I don't know.
True. And I cringe every time somebody asks for something and when asked for something small in return, like some tests, they reply "but I have so little time and have to prioritize". The definition of goodwill is probably "Something you wish you had time for but secretly hope other people will finish for you." Sad Smiley.

Btw: I'm totally psyched by PR 14160!

thanks for your explanations,
and, hey, it's openSource, and i'm aware that kind of media type is all but not mainstream.
So i'd never expect a short-term solution.
It would be great if you could find a developer who is motivated in debug the hires functionality.
(unfortunately for me, mch dsf playback, even with hires pcm conversion, is something like a k.o. criteria for choosing the right media player)
Kodi is a stunning product !

Wasn't aware of your thread, so i'll have to read a little bit, thanks that you drew my attention to this.
My Yamaha AX-750 specifications are to play DSD 2 to 5.1ch from the HDMI inputs. A SACD played in my Sony BluRay lights all six channels on the Yamaha and sounds great, so that part works.

I rip the ISO of that SACD, extract a multichannel DSF, put that out on my Freenas NAS, start up OSMC on a Raspberry Pi2 connected to the NAS (RJ-45 cable) and the Yamaha via HDMI, select the track, and the audio is distorted and choppy and only 2 channels light up on the Yamaha. 2 channel DSF's extracted from the same ISO play perfectly.

From what I find in these forums this is pretty much where things stand, but I would also be appreciative if OSMC/Kodi DSF 5.1ch could be worked out.  Thank you!

just my two cents here. I've been playing dsd files for quite a while with Kodi and never had the issue you're mentionning. I've got plenty of 5.1 dsd files and they all play fine, no weird noise between tracks, all channel lit up, no choppy sound. But playing dsd can be quite cpu intensive for the system. Have you tried to set a lower quality for resampling in the system setting option on Kodi to check if that's the issue?

Coming back to the issue of "pop" sound produced by a 0-padded dsf block. I'm running Leia nightly on ubuntu 16.04, ffmpeg version is 4.0.3.  Am I correct in the assumption that dsd -> pcm conversion in kodi is done by ffmpeg?

If yes, then it would appear to be this ffmpeg issue which is fixed in ffmpeg 4.1. I have tested by compiling v4.0 and v4.1 and converting a dsf file to wav, and with v4.1 the "pop" disappears. Then the question becomes, could we pick the updated ffmpeg version before Leia goes out of beta?

-- Stanislav
you assumption is correct, however i doubt ffmpeg will be bumped before leia release.
It's not unheard of if two other devs would approve such a PR ;-) -if that's a Kodi change, of course. If that is an addon change, in your own time. Also, someone might find the updates libraries for the respective OS and post them here to replace if applicable.
I recently added some multichannel DSF files to my music library and also noticed these loud pops between tracks. Although no solution is given in this thread at least I know that further tweaking won't solve the problem and we all just have to wait until the ffmpeg version in Kodi is updated. It would be nice if it could be added before the release of Leia but else I hope it will be in the first update of Leia.
I think all righthtinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up in this country with being sick and tired.

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