v17 dsf files: Loud transient noise between 5.1 tracks
Not sure any of you have seen this, but there is a new PR, that fixes some issues (in Android), regarding Video playback, and Audio playback with dsf files...


Fixed with PR 15056!
Personally, I find Android pretty useless when it comes to (hifi) music because of limited samplerate and bitdepth support.
For the same reason RPi is also a poor choice as it can’t do multichannel above 96khz
I gave up waiting for a solution.

Kodi is a very good mediaplayer for general use, and is even free.
Unfortunately, for my personal use case, playing dsf and other high resolution multichannel files, it's currently not usable.

So I switched to jriver.
Based on a ZOTAC ZBOX CI327 NANO hardware / Windows10, I now have a unit that plays multichannel dsf files and PCM 192/24 via hdmi.
SACD-ISO and dop is supported too.
If Kodi ever supports these formats again, I might switch back again

Please don't take this as bashing against Kodi,
in my opinion it's one of the best low cost multimedia solutions,
but it lacks support of hires audio formats.
So if dsf is a k.o. criteria you might have to look for another product.

A bit off-topic, but other player alternatives that support SACD ISO are foobar2000 and AIMP.

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dsf files: Loud transient noise between 5.1 tracks0
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