Kodi Alpha 3 won't load any more

I have Kodi alpha 3 (connected with amby server, so far so good) and Xbox one s but still on may update only, but everything is working. I will try not to update Xbox as long as I can.
I have to prize Kodi developers as well as their software is unbeatable ( I am long-term fan of emby as well, but emby try to transcode everything especially subtitles and on my NAS it is not good) So in my case, Kodi with emby server is a perfect combo. Kodi CAN play so far everything which I throw on it. Keep guys good work.
Same issues, though not using Emby

Using mysql and Samba connections.

You guys are awesome. I've been using  Kodi/xnmc since the original xbox Smile I try and donate every few years when I can.

Rock on Smile
Wasn’t having this issue until today. Was having other issues I was trying to sort out in another three due to rar files not working for library, but now kodi will not let me get beyond 20-30 seconds before simply just locking up. Can’t even get into activating debug, literally get to system menu and bam locked up.

Using aeon nox skin, if that helps. Don’t have media update enabled on startup either.
Is anyone with the latest xbox update and leia alpha 3 still operational, or does this affect everyone?
Definitely seems wide spread
Facing the same problem...
After the second alpha 3 update, kodi freezes shortly after start...
Mine is still working fine
I'm not a developer and have no Idea how all this works. But why not just restore the previous version in the store, so everyone can re update old version?

Then you have everyone of your backs and can investigate what is the big problem.
err.... guys.... sorry to crash on your discussion about forum friendliness and support level and so, but as the OP I'd just like to point out that I can't provide any logs because Kodi won't even start.
And as this is an XBONE app, that means I have no way to access the log file outside of the app itself.
Sorry for hijacking your thread man :/
@m3rc1ful, from what I can gather, the usual way is to add the add-on 'Kodi Logfile Uploader' but at present you cannot download it via Xbox atm - it is in another thread, which the devs are trying to fix.
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Same problem here - Kodi freezes after 10 - 30 seconds.
I just had an update. Go to my games and apps then updates. I had to do mine manually. It has fixed the crash problem but search issue still there.. But hey I'm not complaining. Kodi is working again.. Thanks to the person or persons who issued and worked on the update.
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Thx for the last update! Kodi doesn't crash anymore.....!

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