Bug -  TV Show & Episodes Image Bugs (Both v3 & v2)
Just want to point out a couple of bugs/unintended features:

1. If you are trying to change the episode images for tv episodes from a local source, it has absolutely no effect. It won't change the image in either the program or on disk. you have to manually drag and drop the file then rename it, in your file manager (or by command line) and even then it won't update in the GUI. (even after clearing image cache), but will show the proper image when clicked

2. I do screencaps forr my episode in my extrathumbs folders for my tv shows, the scanner obviously detects these files, and since i name them prefixed with the filename they came from, they get read as episode thumbs... now I imagine this is a unexpected feature and its also one I enjoy, the problem is is that it reads these with priority over the actual <filename>-thumb.jpg next to the file and displays the first file it finds with a similar name to the filename rather than the set episode image naming scheme.
Selected Thumb Renaming Scheme: <dynamic>-thumb.<ext>
Filename: <TVSHowFolder>/Doctor Who (2005)/Season 01/Doctor Who (2005) - S01E15.mkv
Extra Thumbs: <TVSHowFolder>/Doctor Who (2005)/extrathumbs/Doctor Who (2005) - S01E15.jpg:
Actual Thumbnail Next to Episode: <TVSHowFolder>/Doctor Who (2005)/Season 01/Doctor Who (2005) - S01E15-thumb.jpg
Displayed Image: <TVSHowFolder>/Doctor Who (2005)/extrathumbs/Doctor Who (2005) - S01E15.jpg
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