Possible to disable Kodi's CEC "power on" signal to TV?
I'm running latest LibreElec/Kodi on RPI2.  Just updated OpenElect to LibreElec yesterday.

My TV (a Vizio) has very flaky CEC, sometimes it works with Kodi, sometimes not.  This was the case for most of a year with OpenElec, continues to be the case with LibreElec, so I'm blaming it on the set. 

Meanwhile, however, the set does seem to respond very well to Kodi sending a signal to turn it on.  Seems like Kodi likes to do that, often I come into the family room to find the TV on with the Kodi main menu on it.

Is there a way to prevent Kodi from sending a "TV Power On" signal, or, barring that, to simply disable CEC altogether?  Seems like OpenElec Kodi had an option to do that in the menus but I'm not seeing that in LibreElec/Kodi...


There is, I think it is under input/peripherals, you can edit the CEC settings and either turn it off altogether or just stop it turning your TV on and off.
Thanks, that's exactly where it was.   System Settings/Input/Peripherals/CEC Adaptor. 

Slightly un-intuitive, neither "Peripherals" or the CEC option have a "configure", you just need to click them to get into their settings, but once there they're pretty extensive.

I first tried disabling the two options that relate directly to turning the TV on or off - "Devices to power on [off] during startup [shutdown]"  TV had been selected, probably the default.  I set both to "None" originally, but that didn't do it.   I could turn off the set and if I accessed the Kodi from Yatse it would turn the set on.

Then I set "switch source to this device on startup" from "on" to "off", which appeared to do it.  Apparently on my set, whatever signal the Kodi was sending to the set to "switch sources" also meant "turn on" to it.

So far so good, at least.  We'll see if I walk into the family room and find the TV on again over the course of the next few days....
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Possible to disable Kodi's CEC "power on" signal to TV?00
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