Is there KODI/ServerWMC/XBOX ONE thread or forum? 
I'm just wondering because when I search this forum for "XBOX ONE" I get 4 or 5 pages of of posts. 
When I search the XBOX Discussion under KODI for "ServerWMC" I get just one post.  I'm thinking it would be helpful that's all.

Anyway, is there a run down of what works and what doesn't work for the serverWMC addon on KODI on XBOX one?
I'm having issues with gettting program data from SeverWMC (Win7) and hence playing live tv and recorded tv. 
I will provide logs later because I'm writing this from work and do not have access to my logs right now. But any info on what works or not, or to what extent would be great. 

If this has already been covered then please point me to the latest post.
After getting hm and experimenting more.  It looks like only the back end of my channels get populated with guide info (658 - 1800) and then front end (2 - 658) does not.  My provider is comcast.
Also, it look like when I select one of the backend channels the stream starts then stops.  Maybe my settings are off or I don't have the correct folder added in KODI.  But not sure. If someone could take a look at my logs and anaylze it would be appreciated.

I don't see anything wrong with the guide data access, but I can look at that in more detail later.  For now the biggest problem is your xbox one is not getting access to your recorded tv folder.  When you try to start a stream the client (xbox) is telling serverwmc that it can't open the file, see:

StreamStartError> client 'Kodi^XboxOne' reports error opening stream, will close stream down 2018/07/10 21:48:22.097
StreamStartError> client 'Kodi^XboxOne' path to stream file: 'smb://Reggie:***************@REGGIE-PC/Recorded TV2/TempSWMC/LiveTV_Kodi^XboxOne_Digital Cable_12_2018_07_10_21_48_17.ts' 2018/07/10 21:48:22.097
StreamStartError> client 'Kodi^XboxOne' calling CloseStream

If the path looks correct, then try using the IP address of your server in the 'Folders' tab of serverwmc instead of the machine name (REGGIE-PC).
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
K, thx. Much.  I will look into it.  But just so that I understand.  Is this referring to a path in ServerWMC or a path set in KODI? 
Because I'm having issue with trying to set a path in KODI, I get an error when trying to Add a Video folder that the path does not exist. 
When I try to add a network folder I'm not sure which option to use (Http, https, nfs, etc..). I have serverWMC setup on a win7 machine.

I will read the complete guide to see if this was covered., which it probably is and I'm just too lazy to read, lol...
If I have futher issues I will reach out after reading the documentation.

Thanks again.
Kodi on the xbox one needs to be able to access your recorded tv folder.  So you need to make this recorded tv folder a network share (which it looks like you have done) and the network path to this share needs to be set in serverwmc on the folders tab.  Serverwmc gives this path to the kodi addon when kodi plays something.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
When I tired using my ip address in the format suggested in the ServerWMC complete guide, ie.  smb://ipaddy/path inside of the ServerWMC, I get path does not exists.
When I tried it without the "smb" I also get path does not exists.  When I try putting the same to formats inside the KODI app I get cannot connect.   

I also tried to pointing to  a shared and public folder with both type of formats (with the ip address and with the machine name) thinking there is something wrong with recorded tv folder but I can't seem to verify that the XBOX one KODI app can connect to networked folder at all. 
I was thinking firewall but nothing comes to mind that I should add or modify.  Also thought of port forwarding but once again nothing comes to mind.

Any suggestions on how to verify XBOX ONE KODI can connect to a networked folder?  I gotta be missing something if everyone else can connect to their networked folders.
After doing some digging in the forums I see know that there are some questions and answers regarding accessing my WIN7 network folder issue.  I will investigate/read/review them.  If none helps I will post back.

Thanks again.
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