Problem with TSREADER Version in Kodi 18
Hi, i connect Kodi via VPN to my own home TV-Server. With Kodi 17.6 everything works fine in Live TV Part. In Kodi 18 Alpha 2 and actual nightly Live TV is stuttering and always loading its impossible to watch. Same settings as Kodi 17.6

I think its a TSREADER Problem. Is it updated between Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18 or wat is the difference? Please fix it
(2018-07-11, 22:34)Gee11 Wrote: Please fix it

Is that an order?

Moved to off-topic. Kodi doesn't require a VPN to work
Its a malfunction and shold be fixed. Isnt it?

And of course, if i want to connect to my Home Net where the server is, VPN is required
Maybe. We will never know until you provide a logfile.

OTOH if Kodi and your Live-TV works without a VPN, then that might be the issue and therefore should be handled in some VPN related forum.
I understand, but with Kodi 17.6 Live TV works fine. This is why i think its not a VPN Problem. And something must be changed between MePo TV part on 17.6 and 18. It must be something in the Packet buffering part i mean
Read that as well:
But the thread u posted is relatet to totally other things. I dont use vpn for security reasons and not to unlock region fixed things. I just connect the client via vpn to my own private server
Where is that kodi debug log (wiki) file that was requested?
Got a Kodi problem? Provide a full Debug log (wiki) | Usefull pages: First time user (wiki) | Troubleshooting (wiki) | Free content (wiki) | Forum rules (wiki) | VPN policy (wiki)
But you use a VPN and you are using Mediaportal and you didn't provide a Debug Log yet.

So decide what next step might be useful or not
Im using Kodi as Frontend and Medaporal as TV-Server. Ok i will post the log in a few days. I just hoped the dev can tell me if and what is changed on the mepo live tv streaming part between 17.6 and 18
I have reproduced the issue: here is the log:
Please post the whole unedited log (other than redacting any confidential information if required) rather than a snippet.
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i figured it out it must be a buffer / cache problem. I will post the whole log in 5h
here it is:
I would say it's an issue with the stream itself, or possibly with access price on your server:

22:16:53.197 T:5924  NOTICE: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Cannot access 'X:\\live11-0.ts.tsbuffer' directly. Assuming multiseat mode. Need to translate to UNC filename.
22:16:53.197 T:5924  NOTICE: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Translate path X:\\live11-0.ts.tsbuffer -> smb://xxxx:[email protected]/Timeshift/live11-0.ts.tsbuffer

22:16:53.514 T:5924 WARNING: CVideoPlayer::OpenStream - Unsupported stream 0. Stream disabled.

Also you've got Kodi running with admin rights, which is neither required nor recommended.

The log also contains your server login credentials, so may need redacting (it also doesn't have debug log enabled).
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Problem with TSREADER Version in Kodi 180
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