xbox one x 2tb limitation ,
i bought an xbox one x, purely to use kodi and my external drives, i have an seagete 5 tb filled up with movies and series, the xbox wont read anything over 2tb, i have formatted the drive countless times with windows/ and other programs, i have seen people using WD quick formatter, but that is only for WD disks. WTF this is driving me crazy, 

can anybody help with this, there is not much info on the net about this. regards senzlez
Which disk format does the extHDD have? FAT32, NTFS, exFAT?
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i had ntfs on the disk, but i changed it to exfat
anyone have a souloution ?
I have been having a similar problem with my WD Elements 3TB disk.  With the latest Beta of Kodi I can read the drive now in kodi but in the storage settings of the xbox it still says it has no media.  I used diskpart in windows to clean the partition map and format it with GPT btw.

So far though I have only tested it with a few files on the drive.  I am currently copying a large folder full of movies back to the drive and will update here after I test it.

So, no Kodi still will not read files over the 2tb. Even if your drive is GPT as it should be this day in age.  This is not Kodi's fault but Microsoft's but good luck getting them to fix it!

But, after some digging I might have a solution but it will only work with certain drives.  There is something called Advanced Format for drives over 2tb that was introduced to fix the problem of large drives being used with Windows XP.  The format uses a sector size of 4096 kb which increased the total capacity of MBR formatted drives to 16TB. (More info here) But your drive's usb interface has to support this type of formatting.  From what I can find most newer external drives by WD/Seagate etc. don't support this anymore because the tech is so antiquated.  Now, the solution would be to see if your particular drive can be formatted with Advanced Format using 4Kn and a MBR.  I think seagate has a similar tool to WD Formatter called DiskWizard.  That might be a place to start.

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xbox one x 2tb limitation ,0
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