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I am not sure if this is something from the skin I am using (MadNox) or something I added seperately...

On my old kodi install I had a widget that shows next episodes in the tv shows currently being watched (not recently added) i have a feeling it was something to do with the skin overlay service?! My problem is my old kodi pc has had a failed hdd so I am currently setting up a new one and unable to work out how to get this widget working.

Any help would be appreciated
Download Netflix style next up notification.
I have this one that pops up in the corner of the screen at the end of the episode.

What I used to have, but unfortunately cannot check now as the hard disk failed was a widget on my home screen that showed the next episode in tv shows i am watching and would auto play it when i clicked on it. similar to the recently added widget but this is the next one to watch and not the latest added.
That'll be controlled by the skin then - I'll move your thread to the relevant place.
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