Kodi locking up on art change
Hi, ever since updating from Gotham 13.2 to Krypton 17.6, I have had a lot of problems with Kodi. I suspect it has something to do with upgrading from such an old build. This is one of the problems:

On some movies, Kodi completely locks up when I try to change the scraped art. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which movies trigger this, but if it happens once, it happens everytime. Different skins don't matter.

Here is a debug log of one such occasion (trying to change fanart on 'The Paper (1994)')

Why is this happening?

EDIT: I tried removing the movie from library, then running Texture Cache Maintenance Utility to prune all orphaned thumbs, then rescraping the movie as new, but this doesn't solve the problem.
It's quite the jump from 13.2 to 17.6, I've never heard of a direct update with success, there's just too many changes in the code base and how the library is handled. A quick peek at your log shows you have quite the advancedsettings.xml and I'm not sure all are needed. How artwork and meta-data is handled has changed a lot Artwork (wiki) and skin support is like night and day. Unless you're using portable mode, it's likely your 13.2 is XBMC and has it's own folder in roaming, while Kodi is in it's own environment in the roaming folder (reversion is easy if you haven't deleted). I would suggest we start-up a new installation in portable mode, bare bones default skin and ensure Kodi's functionality, then specify your sources and scrape, let's see if you can avoid the same kind of errors the occurred in your previous install. If you should have errors at this point, a proper debug log will point at the issue. Nowhere in your log do I see "The Paper (1994)"
I figured I'd have quite a bloated guisettings.xml and so on (copied userdata over from XBMC, probably a bad idea as well, but I was lazy), so I just performed a completely fresh install of Leia Alpha 2 (not portable though, AND I copied my advancedsettings over).

I then scraped the movie library, which read from exported nfo's, but after it finished, the same problem occured with the art change. 'The Paper' not showing up in the log might be due to Kodi locking up before it actually gets to display the different posters/fanarts there are...? I'll generate a new debug log with the fresh install (maybe I did something wrong there as well).

EDIT: Discovered there was sometrhing wrong with the file, it wouldn't even play, so it's probably not Kodi acting up.
I don't think we have the solve here in what I read in your last post. Don't be lazy and just copy over the advancedsettings.xml from XBMC, you can do without the advancedsettings.xml for the most part (rename it as a dummy file) and retry. Corrupt videos can sneak into your collection if you don't move the videos around a bit, disk rust gets us all.
Booting with or without advancedsettings didn't seem to make a difference. I had discovered another file with the same problem: they were both mkv files that somehow showed multiple selectable video streams in the OSD. They didn't actually have multiple streams and seemed to play back fine regardless, but it was the one thing that stuck out to me. Haven't come across any other files with this issue, so I can't get a log replicating the issue (I hastily deleted the initial problem files; another bad call). Thanks anyway for your thoughts so far.
The quickest way to avoid "outside interference" is to start with a fully new and clean setup. Renaming your current Kodi profile folder to something else, and restart Kodi for a new setup. See of your lock-ups still appear.
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