Kodi V17.3 TVDB not scraping correctly
Hi There When I scrape some new tv series  they show up as watched. Is there any way that I can fix this or even change them from watched to unwatched
Pressing 'w' when having the TV show, season or episode selected will change the watched status.
Why still running an older Kodi setup?
Are your scrapers up-to-date anyway?
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Why are you using v17.3? the latest stable version is v17.6. Are you perhaps using OpenElec as they never did any updates after v17.3, if so change to LibreElec which can be done seamlessly.
OK I am now on V17.6. I am running Kodi on an android box with my tv shows stored on a hard drive but I still cannot remove the watched tick using the W key on my keyboard.My srapers are up to date Is there anything I can do
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Kodi V17.3 TVDB not scraping correctly00