Getting 503 errors trying to update music artist info
Just popped up out of the blue. Library has been scanned in for a while, and all went well. Just trying to update some artist info and when I click "refresh" it just pops the dialogue box back up . I tried removing my source and rescanning, and deleted mymusic.db and rescanned. All the artists and albums seem to be there, but the "recent" on the home screen is nowhere near accurate to what it was before I rescanned. Went through addons and reinstalled all scrapers, and even reinstalled kodi (17.3) over the top of the old installation. Nothing seems to help.

I had to remove some of the duplicate errors to get it under 512kb, but otherwise all there. If it's just the scrapers being down temporarily, then I guess this is just a heads up. Thanks.
Sorry I don't have time at the moment to dig deeply or check details, but here is some general thoughts.

Error 503 is server timeout, it could be that Musicbrainz site is just busy. But also previous versions of Kodi did not throttle requests correctly to avoid the Musicbrainz no more than 1 request per sec limit (per CPU), and so your requests are blocked even though the MB site is fine. I fixed this in v17, but I can't remember which version so using 17.3 could be the issue. I recommend an update to v17.6 (maybe even try out v18?)

Scrapers are doing lookup by name implying that you have not tagged your music files with Musicbrainz id tags. That is fine, those tags are not compulsory, but it does double the requests made and can produce less accurate results.  The log is showing plenty of artists not being found this way, but I have not had time to research if that is an issue or just obscure artists.
Quote:just trying to update some artist info and when I click "refresh" it just pops the dialogue box back up.
Not all artists are in the MB database, would need to know which are not being found to know if that is to be expected or some problem.

Deleting db, removing sources and rescanning... these will effect what is shown as recently added, and what does "nowhere near accurate" mean?
I don't know if kodi uses created on or modified by, but for instance, the 90125 album was created 11-17, and modified 12-17, so it's using the created on date. The Mind Heist album was created in 2014, but it's using the modified date of 12-17. But I have plenty of albums that were both created on and modified just this month that should be at the top of the list (and were, before trying to fix this issue).

And I know Prince is in the DB, and when refreshing I should get a list to choose from if there are multiple artists with Prince in the name. But this happens for any artist.

I first noticed it 10 days ago, so I know it's something corrupted on my end, just trying to figure out what. I have 3 machines running 17.3 and they all are having the same problem. I only noticed it when trying to change fanart for one artist.
The album date added value is taken from the max song date added of all songs on the album. The song date added by default is the files modified time (if it's valid) and only using the file's create time if the modified time isn't valid. However this behaviour can be changed using <dateadded> in advancedsettings.xml to either always create time, or the newer of the two. See Advancedsettings.xml#musiclibrary (wiki)

However, if I remember correctly for 17.3, the Recently Added Albums node does not use the date added value to determine what albums to show because "date added" just some kind of file stamp and has nothing to do with when the album as added to the music library. For example say you ripped some CDs back in 2015 but scanned the files into the library yesterday the date added would be 2015 not 2018. Instead it uses album id to identify the most recently added albums.

You deleted mymusic.db and rescanned, hence the order you see the albums will be the order that the folders were processed.

As for scraping artist information, I just ran Universal Artist Scraper v3.7.4 (from v17.3) to refresh some artist info and had no issues.
Your log shows lots of entries like:
DEBUG: scraper: GetArtistSearchResults returned <results sorted="yes"></results>

But the data requests made to Musicbrainz work fine when typed into a webbrowser e.g.
Hence it seems that the scraper xml parsing is failing in some way. I'll see if I can get someone who knows more about that side of things to have a look. Meanwhile removing the Universal Artist Scraper and reinstalling could help.
Sometimes I think I'm pretty smart, at least that's what others tell me, and have generally pretty good critical thinking skills, yet basic common sense often eludes me.

Mind Heist = Zach Hemsey
90125 = Yes

Then Ws, then Vs, etc. Basically the "new" library is in descending alphabetical order, or as you stated, how it was scanned into the library, with Zs being last, or most recently added. DOY!
It turns out that there was an issue with the Universal Artist Scraper - Musicbrainz had changed the format of the result data slightly causing the parsing to fail. Olympia has been able to fix it, thanks for reporting it. Nothing corrupted your end Smile

However using 17.3 you will continue to get 503 errors when you scrape  because that version can make too many requests too fast and Musicbrainz blocks it. I suggest that you upgrade to v17.6
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