Harmony remote button suddenly cannot have a function assigned
Hi folks

Trying here as a last resort.  I've always had a love-hate relationship with Harmony - sometimes they are the best, but when they aren't, they are the worst.

First - if someone knew the designation for a Harmony device in their database that had as many Windows ehome functions listed in its button list (both keyboard, and remote buttons!) that would be fantastic and probably solve my problem.  It's so frustrating when one can't mix and match from different definitions in myharmony.  Having a device that had as many functions as possible available would really be a godsend.

Anyways. So I was having a problem that somehow the colored MCE buttons could not be recorded properly by my Broadlink RM 3 mini remote.  And, as it turns out, I used it to record and then replay those functions to my XBMC harmony remote definition. Alas, those codes were corrupted because of the recording problem. So I "reset to default" those functions on the harmony.  Except, in the case of a button you have custom learned, that means Harmony silently deletes it.  

And the final result was, when I click on a button on the remote to assign a function to it, ALL functions are greyed out.  I cannot assign any function to two buttons.  I have a picture, hopefully it demonstrates well enough.

Any advice would be fantastic.  If I can't fix this, then I'll need to create a new profile from scratch which will mean having to record and mix and match buttons with another old broken harmony remote, and ... it's just a lot of work that really shouldn't have to take place.

Thanks for any suggestions.  In the picture, you can see the button has no function assigned, and yet, nothing CAN be assigned to it. ("Assign" greyed out..)

How about answering the response your previous help request at https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=220677&page=26

I've used a couple of generations of Harmony remotes and it's always been simply to setup, no need to record or learn anything. The way I do it is pretty much the same the same method that thread walks through. I don't understand the comment of not being able to mix and match? are you not using Activities as that's how you unlock the real power of Harmony remotes where you can assign multiple devices to an Activity.
So, that post actually didn't offer any help I needed, as well as, the bug I'm experiencing, in this post, that wasn't mentioned there, is a separate topic.  

The myharmony app, which I'm forced to use because I now use a 350 instead of the succession of 6xx's I've had over the years, doesn't allow one to apply buttons from two different devices in one activity.

If you have suggestions on fixing this bug, I would love to hear it.  Because, as I mentioned, it's going to be a huge pain in my ass to have to recreate my profile and start from scratch.
Sorry can't help with the recording/learning issue you're having. Perhaps someone can help on the Harmony thread.

Mapping the remote buttons to different devices within one activitly with the MyHarmony site is certainly possibly as I do it with my Elite. However from quick Google search it seems like I was wrong in thinking you could do this still with all remotes within the range, as it it used to be the case the only difference was number of devices supported and whether it did macros. It seems they've started placing more restricting what the devices at the bottom end of the range can do, so your only solution maybe getting a 650 or higher Harmony model.
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Harmony remote button suddenly cannot have a function assigned00