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Kodi = Jack of all trades master of none
The sum of this softwares parts is greater than the overall functionality of it?

Video player of sorts, scraper up to a point, piracy unfriendly, video game emulator for the next ten years that won't work properly but by then there will be a fledgling AR distraction for all 128bit platforms.

Nothing really works properly.
random rant without details?
Kodi = Still way better than most
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OK, here goes my opinions!
  1. Plays almost anything doesn't it?  - If it doesn't I play the offending file in VLC - if it don't play there either, must be the file
  2. Aren't all scrapers getting the info from the same place?  - User error then? 
  3. Piracy unfriendly - I hope so!!
  4. AR in the 128bit version? When will it be ready? There is no timeframe? WHYYY Team Kodi!

Works perfectly for me! (most of the time! - except when I tinker!)
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(2018-07-14, 03:12)badaas Wrote: Video player of sorts
I think the problem here is seeing Kodi as a 'Video Player'.  It's not a desktop video playback application like VLC or something.  It's a piece of home theater software.  If you're not using it on as the playback interface on a television in a home theater/entertainment scenario, then you're using it outside it's intended purpose.  Like, I'd never use Kodi just to playback a clip on my laptop.  But I use it on my TV on my HTPC all the time.
@badaas Let's be a bit more articulate as suggested by wsnipex in post #2, in some cases, older skins have not kept pace and as for players, Kodi has handled all my encodes. Sure there's a lot of older 3rd party apps that need polishing and decent-work-rounds. Asking the developers to make Kodi 'pirate' compatible is to suggest burglar tools be available for download.

If you have one 'frosty' issue, let's hear what it is and post a debug log (if it doesn't contain crap, which might explain this post).
Kodi is a tinker-man's paradise. It's not for everyone. A certain amount of technical nous is required to get the most out of it, but it does function well enough to be an all-round piece of media centre software. So in that vein, the title of this thread is correct, and thank god it is!

If Kodi were too focussed on one specific area, it would be lacking in other areas and people would complain about that. If your looking for a media centre experience that is a sandbox, where very little is required in terms of configuration on your part, or you want to just "set-it-and-forget-it", then go take a look at Plex. Kodi is by far a better platform for customization than Plex. If anything, the Plex developers have gone out of their way to provide an "Apple-like" experience where customization is overtly restricted. Kodi doesn't suffer from that. It allows people to enjoy their media consumption in a way that suits them, with all the bells & whistles they desire as part of the overall "experience".

While it's true that Kodi's open-source nature does leave it somewhat open to abuse, and while I (personally) think that all the team's pleas, rants, and forum announcements over piracy add-ons & boxes are ultimately going to fall on deaf ears... Kodi provides an experience to the end user that is unique. There's absolutely nothing else out there that comes within a country mile of Kodi in terms of usability, quality or experience. And best of all, your getting all of this for FREE. The team put the software out there, it's up to the end user to use it in the manner for which it was intended. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to use it, after all.

I'll put my Soapbox away now.


Dan / Gib.
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Yes, most useless post i’ve seen in a long time. Too many words to say nothing.
Time to start the week clean, closing this thread.
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