How can i make my tv box read my files on my laptop ?
Hello All,

SO i'm a beginner in  KODI word and i need help ( step by step) explanation about how can i make my kodi on tv box read the media files on my laptop wireless,i have all this movies and music and i cant play it on my tv box, so please anyone provide me the way step by step to understand ,and by the way my OS is windows 10 on my laptop.

thanks ahead.........
The wiki's (available from the top of this page) offer the best hand holding help, and at your own pace. Check out File sharing (wiki) depending on the operating system you are using, if it's windows then you'll want to set-up SMB networking. Leave questions in the appropriate forum e.g. windows questions get answered in the windows forum, this is forum revolves around artwork packs and meta-data (that's the information about the media, that is grabbed from the web).

In short, you'll need to connect the laptop with your box in some fashion, and that will requires some effort setting up your TV box to network with the laptop.
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How can i make my tv box read my files on my laptop ?00