Ubuntu 18.04 MCE Remote not working?
Well I needed to do a install for someone on a new computer so i decided to try 18.04, it was GREAT right up until I tried to use a MCE remote with it and then everything went to bad.  I could not get anything other than the arrow keys to work in Kodi until I installed ir-keytable and then MAYBE once out of every 10 times I hit the ok button it would work, I could not ever get the back button to work at all, and most of the time it would send double button pushes on the buttons that did work.  So either I am missing something or there is a big problem with remote controls in 18.04.  If there are any guides or someone could respond to this post telling me how to make it work I would love to know, I spent two solid days trying to get it to work with no luck.
Did you see the sticky thread: 104541 (thread) ?
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(2018-07-14, 08:11)fritsch Wrote: Did you see the sticky thread: 104541 (thread) ?
 No I didn't, but thanks.  However after reading through it I see other people are having the same issues in 18.04.  So I am not sure what is broke in 18.04 but it seems extremely difficult to make a remote work correctly under 18.04.
I had the same problem, and so have a lot of other people going by the number of posts I've seen. See my thread at 333904 (thread)
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